Date: 2011-11-23 02:00 am (UTC)
North and South! I loooove that drama. It has so many amazing quotable lines. and yeah I too finally got all the armitage love after seeing that. even though i still dont have a crush on him or anything haha.
I stopped watching Protect the Boss after ep 5. I enjoyed it alot but I just got sick of dramas for a while. I want to go back to it but you make it sound like its just not worth it. I really just wanted to watch the main girl beat more people up. lol. and the hero was my fave kind of romantic lead. the emotional basketcase. after joo won, dokko jin, this guy and now chi soo in flower boy ramyun shop it seems like kdramas are starting to make a thing out of neurotic prissy temperamental melodramatic rich boys. and I LOOOVE it. and I love how they all end up with these huge obsessive crushes on these badass or plain women and dont know how the fuck it happened. Its great. More dramas like this!
I highly highly hiiiighly recommend City Hall. Super compelling plot, swoonworthy romance, hilarious sharp dialogue and an AWESOME heroine. You just cant go wrong. It starts out a bit slow (although still funny) and then once it gets going it never stops!
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