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*Blows dust off of long ignored livejournal*

Long time no see, lj-dom! Kind of took an unexpected hiatus there, so my apologies. Didn't mean to, but work just kind of exploded in my face and is only now becoming a bit more reasonable. I've checked in here and there but haven't been spending any extended periods of time on livejournal. What down-time I have has mainly been spent over on tumblr, where it's really easy to look at pretty pictures and funny gifs and not have to put any real thought into anything. I kept meaning to make an lj update, but I knew I wanted to talk about the dramas I've been watching and the idea of doing a round-up post just became more and more intimidated. BUT I'M GOING TO DO IT.


Why? Because I haven't been that enamoured of the crop recently. I don't know if I've just been picking the wrong ones (mainly I've been picking the wrong ones) or the quality has just been sub-par. Nothing's been that great, but I've powered through some.

Shiawase ni Narou yo - I was really excited about this drama based solely on the cast. The plot wasn't exactly eye-catching, but that cast! And it all played out pretty much how you might expect. I just don't think I ever need to bother with a Getsu-9 drama again after Tsuki no Koibito and this one. Granted, Shiawase was nowhere near as hair-pull inducing as TnK. I actually like the majority of the characters, but where I was interested in the everyday sorts of matters with Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku, I just couldn't get that invested here. The plot was a clunker for me.

Ouran High School Host Club - I'm either to the point where I've outgrown wacky high school jdramas or this one just wasn't that good. All the pieces were there for it to be something I really enjoyed: a story I like, bizarre hi-jinks, and a cast that was pretty much game for everything. But there was always something lacking. It very well could be that I just liked the anime so much that nothing was every going to match it, but I'm more inclined to think there was more too it than that. The simple fact remains that I just didn't laugh that much, I felt like everyone's timing was just like a mili-second off. Jokes never flowed like I felt they should. Given that, I'll probably still watched the movie, but I'm not going to have any grand hopes for it.

And... I think that's all the jdramas I've watched since my last update. OH, I want to watch Arakawa Under the Bridge, but subs are slow as molasses. I'm just going to wait for them all to be done. Within this decade perhaps? This and GOLD are on my "To Watch if the Universe Will Ever Let Me" list.


City Hunter - My last update on the journal was about City Hunter, so I might as well start there. I really enjoyed this drama, though it gave me a bit of whiplash. The first and last couple of episodes almost felt like a different drama, all action and suspense while everything in the middle was almost a workplace rom-com? Now, I liked both parts, but if I was to have one criticism of the show, that'd be my main beef. It was a solid drama otherwise, genuinely funny and exciting.

Protect the Boss - UGH THIS SHOW. I came perilously close to giving this no-stars over on my little drama rankings page. BUT, it's saving grace is that it didn't annoy me and actively piss me off the way those two other dramas did. All Protect the Boss did was pull me in with a great couple first episodes and then string me along for the next 10 or so by recycling the same boring business-nonsense storyline. I kind of hated both male leads for ignoring Eun-seol's wishes at every turn in favor of what they wanted or what they thought she should want. I hated Eun-seol herself for suddenly losing the ability to stand up for herself. The only saving grace by the end was Na-yoon who was hilarioius and fantastic and actually has some freaking character growth. Way to botch a perfectly good drama.

Spy Myung-wol - The true stinker of this batch though was Myung-wol. Oh the potential this show had, but even from the beginning it didn't come close to anything resembling a good show. Off the bat Myung-wol lost any competance she had as a spy, Eric's character was a jerk from day one (and then a giant emotional manipulater as an added bonus there near the end), and if I heard about that STUPID BOOK ONE MORE TIME. I can't believe my favorite character at the end was In-ah who I couldn't stand in the beginning. And what the hell was that last episode? WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT. This was a stupid show.

Scent of a Woman - Straight up my favorite drama of the batch I watched. I know lots of people didn't care for it thought. Either Kim Sun-ah annoyed them, it dragged too much in the middle, or they didn't want to touch a terminal illness story with a ten-foot poll, but I kind of loved this drama. All three of those points are definitely things I had issues with. I wasn't even going to watch it, because of the cancer thing, but I gave it a shot and boy was I rewarded. It was a lot like City Hunter in that it was successful in dealing with a very wide emotional spectrum, but where City Hunter was choppy, Scent of a Women wove everything throughout the whole. I laughed my butt off and cried my eyes out on many occasions, but it was all so worth it for the journey that Yeon-jae goes through. I adore the message of the drama and thought it was a lovely, inspiring story.

So, I guess there wasn't a whole lot that I actually watched. I think Protect the Boss and Myung-wol just made it FEEL like an eternity. Also, my sister is making me watch Boys Over Flowers again (she's never seen it and wanted to after we watched City Hunter) and it makes me want to die. I did watch a bunch of other stuff though, hence the next category

THIRD: NON-DRAMA-DRAMAS (or, everything else)

Downton Abbey - Mainlined the first season. LOVE IT. So much fun. Second season was a step down (did anyone else want to punch Matthew in the face like all the time?) but still entertaining television

Sherlock - Finally watched it! I can join the modern internet world. Thought it was pretty good, not as enamored of it as others are.

North & South - So, I totally get the Richard Armitage love now :D

Misfits - How amazing and funny and exciting and trashy is this show? I love it.

Young Justice - Random cartoon! I don't read comics! I don't know how this happened! Wait, I do. People on tumblr talking about it all the time. It's a cute little show and is partially filling the gaping hole that is awaiting the new Avater. I like Kaldur and Artemis the best. I like how he doesn't use contractions and her ponytail is ridiculous. These are the things I notice and care about.



What is everyone watching right now? I'm currently watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. After initally wanting to give it a pass after the first episode I'm glad I stayed with it. I'm enjoying Eun-bi more as a character and Ba-wool is pretty adorable. I don't think humor is Jung Il-woo's strong point, but he's doing a decent job as Cha Chi-soo (though I keep wondering when he's going to come completely unhinged). The only real problem I have is Kang-hyuk who I initally found amusing with the whole "too lazy to open his backpack" thing. But he quickly veered from cute to obnoxious when he laid that guilt trip on Eun-bi. She's not your wife, dude. Step off.

The only thing I have waiting in the wings is What's Up which starts in December. I'm thinking about watching something older, maybe City Hall or Story of a Man. Any jdrama suggestions?

Date: 2011-11-22 09:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shineaurorarose.livejournal.com
Welcome back! And I hear ya about work exploding. I had that happen and I finally feel like breathing. I've been finishing up my backlog for when What's Up airs (SO EXCITED OMG).

I'm watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop if only because I found it charming and funny. Plus the episodes are like 45 minutes so it's a quick watch really. I am also practically devouring The Princess' Man which is dramatic and epic and guh. So I have two sides of the coin so to speak.

And you should TOTALLY watch Story of a Man. That's one of my all-time favorite kdramas (the writer of it is wrote What's Up, actually). SO GOOD. =)


Date: 2011-11-22 11:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] cranberrysheep.livejournal.com
LOL, that's pretty much the same reason I kept with Ouran. The episodes were SO QUICK.

Story of a Man has been on my list since it first aired. I have no idea how I haven't watched it at this point.

(I KNOW! :x)



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