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Dec. 30th, 2011 03:23 pm
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I fudged a little when I did my 2011 drama countdown, since technically I wasn't done with City Hall or Flower Boy Ramen Shop at the time I created my list. I had 2 or the former and 4 of the laterleft. I figured that unless there was a Hong Gil Dong level of mood/plot change that my opinion probably wouldn't waver that much. And having finished them, I now know I WAS RIGHT. Both were pretty middle of the road dramas for me, with City Hall definitely being the better of the two.

City Hall

One of my main issues going into City Hall is that I had built it up so much in my head. So many people adore this drama, I was expecting something really spectacular. What I got was a drama that while it did have it's highlights, didn't really catch my interest. The political intrigue didn't interest me until really late in the game. In fact, my favorite episodes of the series are the last two because there were actual stakes and I finally bought into Mi-rae and Guk as a couple. Before that point I just could not get a read on Cha Seung-won's character. He'd switch from being shady to being very forthright to I don't even know what.

The whole thing was kind of a swing and a miss for me.

It was a bigger hit than Flower Boy Ramen Shop. I just did not get the appeal. Everyone was so gung-ho about it and I just never gave a damn about anyone. Sure, there were funny bits, but as a whole I was pretty bored. Probably because there was zero plot. Which can be fine, if I like the actors/characters enough. But, I actively disliked the two male leads 95% of the time. Eun-bi was fine, but not enough that I was really invested in her story... mostly because I wasn't that big a fan of her options. I almost wish the entire thing had been about So-yi driving Ba-wool to flail around helplessly while she shrugged and dated other dudes.

Anyway, now I can catch up on What's Up, start Padam Padam, and wait for Wild Romance to start. Everyone else can check out that Moon-Sun saguek... let me know if it's worth it.



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