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I finally got around to finishing Faith and it was ... alright?  I guess?  There were plenty of moments along the way where I was ready to drop it, but then something interesting would happen of Gongmin and Noguk would have a scene together and it would suck me back in.  In the end it was a much more solid romance than it was a time-travel or political intrigue story.  Because honestly, it all felt really weak to me.  I think the biggest issue was probably the directing/editing.  It never flowed exceptionally well.  I think the actors did what they could, and there were some solid plot ideas in there.  It just, like I said, never truly came together as an entire, fulfilling story.

For I while I was wondering if I was just over the whole drama thing, because my watching habits have withered away to almost nothing.  BUT!  I started Queen In-hyun's Man and I looooooove it.  I'm six episodes in and I love everything about it.  The leads are excellent, the story is compelling (both dramatic, funny, and swoon worthy), and the time-travel aspect is really well implemented.  My only major issue is the mustache-twirling nature of the baddie, who likes to sit alone in a dark room repeating a phrase the hero said over and over again.  But that's an issue fairly commonplace in dramas.

It also probably doesn't hurt that it's a cable show and is therefor only around 40 minutes an episode.  But the episodes move at such a good clip, and it's pieces together so well, those 40 minutes fly by for me.

What is everyone else watching?  I feel so out of the loop right now.
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