So, I haven't done much posting or commenting because I haven't been doing that much fandoming (possible word? WHO CARES). Work and various other RL things have taken precedence. Heck, I still haven't finished What's Up and that was like the one thing I was watching.

I gave the first two episodes of Wild Romance a shot but it didn't do anything for me. And after the fiasco of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop I'm not about to stick to a drama that I'm not hooked on. There is too much out there to waste time on something that doesn't click. Then I started History of a Salaryman, but was so beat when I was watching it that I drifted in and out of consciousness during the second episode. So, even though I liked it, I also have a mental block when it comes to picking it back up... because I FELL ASLEEP during it.

Book reading has been very slow, even though I told myself that I was going to read more this year. I still need to finish True Grit which I enjoy, but I also need to be in the right mood to read. I randomly picked up a YA ebook called Angelfall (yeah, I know... angels. But it was on $0.99!!!) and was pleasantly surprised with it. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. Though I'm not keen on waiting. I'm all about coming into a series once it's done (Hunger Games!) or nearly (Leviathan!).

In less fun book news I'm reading The Land of Painted Caves the final (FINALLY) installment in Jean Auel's Earth's Children series (historical fiction set 30,000 years ago). She started writing them 30 odd years ago with Clan of the Cave Bear (A book that I still enjoy despite the precipitous drop in quality throughout the rest of the series) and is finally wrapping up this pile of dog poo.

Personally, I started the series early in high school when just the first four books were out. The first three are pretty good, but the series just got worse and more boring with each book. And now we're on the 6th book and there just isn't. any. plot. But I have to finish it. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the 800 pages and it is PAINFUL. If I have to read any more descriptions of cave paintings, the multitude of uses for cattails, or how strange Ayla's accent sounds... I can't be held responsible for my actions.
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I read the first book of the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare: City of Bones. And like [ profile] jennekohan said, it was pretty entertaining. It was an easy read and Clare developed some interesting characters and did a decent job of world-building. But, it's a YA novel she it really wasn't that challenging. I actually got a little distracted by the callouts to anime, manga, and the general goth-aesthetic which I don't find attractive at all. OK, everyone wears black, I get it.

But the one thing that really stuck in my craw was the way the supposed 16-17 year old characters would talk. Especially Clary and Jace who possessed vocabularies of much older individuals. I never knew a 16 year old that used the word 'exsanguinated' even when talking about vampires. Did they ever even say that on Buffy.

If it's one thing that drives me crazy it's when characters are given far more maturity than is merited given their age. One of the things I loved about The Dark Materials trilogy (before it went to hell in a handbasket in the last book) was that Lyra IS 12. Sure, she's a quick little thing, but she isn't fully matured. It's obvious she is still very much a child in her thinking and the way she sees the world. Same with the Harry Potter series.

Clary and Jace are as worldly as someone three times their age and I just couldn't buy it. I can see how the age group it is aimed at would like it. Kind of like how Nickelodeon and Disney shows always have moronic parents. At a certain age it just starts to grate on you.

Still, I inhaled the book and it whetted my appetite for some paranormal romance. I'm not above reading some trash, but it's always nice if there is an engaging plot (like Jean Auel's Earth's Children series... once you get beyond her need to describe everything and repeat over and over how amazing Ayla is). ANYWAY, it's almost summer so it's okay if I just do some beach-type reading. Right? Don't look at me like that...

SO, I headed out to the library since I finally got a card a couple weeks ago. Can I just say how disappointing my library situation is? In my home town (pop: approx 67,000) we had one library, but it was a decent size and, you know, HAD BOOKS IN IT.

Now I live in a city of nearly 800,000 and there are a bunch of libraries scattered around town. At first I thought this was awesome. There are two libraries VERY close to my house so I figured I would never have to go to the central library location downtown (major pain in my ass). The problem? There aren't any FREAKING BOOKS in the libraries.

When I first walked in I couldn't find the fiction section. I am not joking here. I saw the checkout stations, computers, patron holds, dvds and that was it. Finally I spotted about 10 sparsely filled book cases over on the side of the 'library'. It was so sad.

I picked up Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon because I heard good things about her and it was the ONLY book by her on the shelf. It's pretty interesting so far (though at 700 pages is a lot longer than it should be) but not anything great. Supposedly her other books are funnier, which I would hope so, because this one is kind of tragic. It also doesn't help that I shipped the hero with his mortal 'sister' (he was a child of two gods who was put into a human woman's womb) who met a tragic end. At some point he'll meet his real OTP and I don't know if I'm going to be able to get on board that train.

Maybe I'll check out more after I'm done here. Though, I'll need to request them from other branches, because, as I mentioned before, they don't actually keep books in libraries anymore.



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