So I watched the 3rd episode of Sunao ni Narenakute and am still really enjoying it. But there was one thing that stood out to me:

When Nakaji's tattoo-sharing ladyfriend told Haru that she had met him in Bali, all I could think was "WELL THIS ISN'T GOING TO END WELL."

Thanks to Something Happened in Bali I know exactly what happens to couples that meet there, and it'a not as nice as you might think!

Plus, the actress who plays this woman was Miwa from A Million Stars and we all know how well that ended for everyone. GOOD TIMES.  :D

I'm going to do my best to keep this as unspoilery as possible...

So, I just finished A Million Stars Falling From the Sky...


Damn, show. DAMN.

That was pretty incredible. Granted, it wasn't without faults, story-wise. But when it came to characters and atmosphere this drama was spot on.


Guys, you don't even KNOW. I was promised twists, and it delivered. I definitely saw a few coming, but I was also caught unawares a couple times. Smart, suspenseful, and REALLY emotionally draining. I wish I had an episode of Buzzer Beat lined up to counter-act all of this.
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This story really doesn't lend itself well to my recaps, since a LOT is lost in my retelling. There is so much going on - both plot and acting wise - that I simply can't get everything. But I'm very much enjoying the story and want to share it with everyone. So here is a giant picspam of some of my favorite scene from episodes 3 through 6.


Spoilers for episodes 3-6. You've been warned )

ETA: I'm kind of excited for Lee Min-jung's (Jae-Kyung in BOF) new drama. She's been pretty adorable in the two things I've seen her in (BOF and Who Are You?) and the plot sounds fun, so I'm game!

And according to tokyograph, there is going to be a jdrama tv movie made based on A Little Princess. I really enjoyed that book as a kid and loved the movie (despite it's obvious deviations from the book). I'd be more excited for a jdrama version if 1) I was promised subs and 2) they weren't changing it quite so much. Does Sarah REALLY need a love interest?
I'm proud of myself. I've made vast improvements when it comes to capping episodes. No longer am I in the "cap every two seconds" camp, I'm much more moderate now! That makes these posts a lot easier to deal with. OKAY, episode 2:


I feel like these girls should watch more Lifetime movies, so they know how to spot THAT kind of guy )
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So, my office flooded... AGAIN.


Note: this was taken before it got really bad.  Use that as your frame of reference.  It was too chaotic to get a picture after this point.

This happened last year around April when we got a big rain. It rained all morning, but we didn't think much of it. Then a coworker spotted a tiny little damp spot on the carpet. Then we saw the newly sprung RIVER flowing out of another corner. My side of our department is apparently downhill because it all started towards me. Pretty much the entire marketing department showed up to start moving boxes out of the various storage rooms.

Maintenance is trying to dry it out with some giant machine. It's my opinion that after having been flooded twice we might deserve some new carpet squares. AND A NEW FOUNDATION.

I like how this only happens in our department, in a recently renovated part of the building. I'm told it smells lovely. Sometimes not having a sense of smell is a blessing.

I'm currently in a spare storage room/department because half of my office is underwater. I'm connected to the network via the VPN which apparently doesn't have the webfilter on it so HUZZAH!

I'll further sooth myself by looking at Kimura's face:


AHHH. Nice. I hope to have a Million Stars Falling From the Sky picspam of episodes 2&3 put together shortly.

ETA:  Looks like there is another HUGE cell headed towards us.  Awesome.
After I finished MR BRAIN I knew I wanted to start another Kimura Takuya drama. The quetion was: which one will I pick? He's only been in about eleventy-billion. Initially I was going to go with Pride but as I read all the descriptions on d-addicts wiki, another one caught my eye: Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi/One Million Stars Falling from the Sky/The Smile Has Left Your Eyes/WHY CAN'T THINGS JUST HAVE ONE NAME. Don't get me started on the new YEH drama, I don't even know what to call it. I'm going to call this A Million Stars.

Anyway, Kimura plays a chef's assistant who is kind of a shady guy. The drama opens with the death of a college student. A murder masked as a suicide. Then they cut to Kimura in a kitchen some where and take a good long time revealing his face. Suspense building? I think so.


Mini picspam of episode one )



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