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Yesterday I helped build a playground. I was actually on the landscaping team so I helped plant a tree and some bulbs. Mainly I played photographer and made people uncomfortable. It's what I do! Luckily the weather was gorgeous this year. Last year's build was in July I think, so it was ridiculously hot. It was pretty chilly in the morning (especially after having to get up WAY to early), but then the sun came out and it was fantastic.

We got the playground up, but I have to say I do not like the trend in these new playgrounds. They just seem so boring to me. The kids climb the stairs, have a few different platforms to stand on, and then a slide. Oh, and tic tac toe. Whoopdie freaking doo. I miss the giant jungle gym structures that I used to play on as a kid. I guess one too many fell off them? Lame. *old man grumble*

Now, even after a full night's sleep I'm tired and irritable.  Everyone is pissing me off and it's not their fault.

I finally finished Buzzer Beat and was less than impressed with the entire second half of the series. Sure, it was cute but there really just wasnt much there and I found my attention wandering quite a bit. It really doesn't help that Naoki was a really dull character and I just could never get my head around what motivated him. He was such a non-factor and Riko was such a dynamic character. I guess I was hoping she'd open him up more. For all they talked about sharing their dreams, they never seemed to do that much sharing. I think I wanted to like it a great deal more than I actually did. But, if you're looking for a sweet, cute little love story this one should fit the bill just fine. Although it did have one of the plotlines I like least. *vague spoilers for Buzzer Beat and Pride* The whole, we are going to be seperated for a while which means we can't have ANY CONTACT (I'm looking at YOU, PRIDE). In this age of technology (and basic modes of transportation) it just doesn't make any sense. *end spoilers*

Updated my drama rankings accordingly. 

I also started Smile, You which was a pleasant suprise. I was a bit disillusioned after I saw the trailer, but it was genuinely funny. It's also interesting seeing the older cast get a great deal of screen time. Everyone is pretty much a charicature of a person, but I really don't mind. If that's what the drama is, that's what it is. Lee Min Jung is wonderful as Jung In. Sure, she's a brat, but most of it is she has a very strong personality who needs to realize the world doesn't actually revolve around her. She does get hurt, and reacts really poorly to it.

Though they are going to need to keep the crying scenes to a minimum because she is AWFUL as the big, open-mouth wailing. Plus, I had just watched episode 7 of My Fair Lady is which Moon Chae Won does a wonderful job of spilling silent tears in Tae Yoon's car. That was some great acting (though MFL is still kind of boring me). Lee Min Jung? Not so much. But since this is a comedy, I'm not too concerned with that. Jung Kyung Ho is hilarious in more of the straight man role (this is very relative, as he's also quite an oddball) of Hyun Soo. When he thought Jung In was some unhinged crazy person walking around in her destroyed bridal gown, I was in stitches.
I love that I can watch both True Blood and Buzzer Beat in the same evening. They were both great in their own special, special ways. And while Riko and Naoki may not be as darling as Jessica and Hoyt (BUT WHAT IS?) this scene was pretty fantastic.


Spoiler for the final scene of Buzzer Beat episode 5. duh. )
Buzzer Beat Episode 3! This is such a mediocre drama, I don't know why I am so excited about it. I mean, while Keiko is adorable and I'll always love Pi for his role in Nobuta... there isn't really much else to this drama. Sure, the fanservice is nice (and hilarious), but Ito Hideaki is the only cast member with any meat on his bones. And Pi and Keiko are cute together, but I wouldn't say they had awesome chemistry.


Whatever, I still enjoy it. PICSPAM! )

ETA: Maybe it's the fact I really like the opening theme by B'z AND they use an instrumental version of "Day in the Life" by the Beatles for background music.
While watching Leverage tonight I took a quick look at the third episode of Buzzer Beat during the commercials. I don't normally watch episode until I have subs, it's kind of like torture. But I'm just so charmed by this silly little drama. Anyway, have a random cap that cracked me up for no real reason:



Leverage kind of disappointed this evening. :(
I finally got around to watching Rough Cut, which has been sitting on my hard drive since the beginning of the year, I think. Mostly that is thanks to [ profile] dangermousie for announcing her opinion on her journal last week. Apparently all the awards the film received (and Kang Ji Hwan's face) weren't enough to convince me. I've been burned too many time, but it my own damn fault. I watch movies and specials with actors I like before things that are probably better quality.

Rough Cut was an interesting movie, not exactly the genre I normally seek out (noir/action?), but I never that picky when it comes to stuff like that. The basic plot is Kang Ji Hwan is kind of an asshole actor who has sent his past two costars to the hospital after beating them. No one wants to work with his, so he get's So Ji Sub to step in. The only catch is that So Ji Sub wants all the fighting to be real, no pulled punches. So, people tend to get their ass kicked in this movie.

I viewed it as more of a character study than anything else (the sub plot with the gangsters was kind of a snorefest for me, but it set up the ending, so there you have it). Because, while both leads are violent, and share many similarities, they actually couldn't be more different. They both have many dimensions to their personalities, both hard and soft, but in the end the fact that one is an actor and the other is a gangster is undeniable.


I need more Kang Ji Hwan on my journal, like NOW. Click here for larger KJH cap, muddy, bloody So Ji Sub, MR BRAIN episodes 7-8, and Buzzer Beat 2 PICSPAMS! :D )

Question for those of you who have seen Painter of the Wind (this may just be [ profile] sailorgaia and [ profile] darkeyedwolf): The subs I have for this are kind of awful. It's like they combined three different translations of a line for everything each character says, so I know I am missing some things. Or maybe I'm just not quick enough, this is totally a possibility. I just finished episode 9 and I can not for the life of me understand why the Dowager Queen and her political lackeys don't want the King to appoint a portrait artist. What is the deal?


Jul. 20th, 2009 12:31 pm
Watched two completely polar pieces of Japanese media yesterday. As one of the final, random things I did with my visiting friends we watched "One Missed Call 2". Because it was free off of my cable. And wow, that was a poorly written movie and really not that scary. There were a few jumpy moments and I appreciate when a horror movie tries to scare me instead of just grossing me out. But next time, maybe try sticking with one antagonist. None of us could keep anything straight. And then it pulled out a random twist and ended with nothing explained. LAME JAPAN.

I was kind of intrigued with how western the whole production looked. Maybe it's just because I don't watch a lot of Japanese movies that I've never noticed this before. But there is something about the way jdramas are shot that make them look very jdrama-ish. This really didn't hold true for OMC2. If they hadn't been speaking Japanese, I could have easily bought it as an American movie, slick production values and all.  Of course, this could very well be all in my head.

After everyone left (*sadface*) I did laundry and finished Skip Beat!. Really, THAT'S the ending? That wasn't a complete story. There was NO resolution. At least with Fruits Basket, which had to cut off at some point, you got that whole story arc with Kyo and Tohru's acceptance of him. At the end of Skip Beat! the story isn't even ABOUT Kyoko at that point. LAME. I want resolution. There are few things I despise more than open endings.

I also watched the first episode of Buzzer Beat, which promises to be everything I hoped it would be: cute and fun. Nothing ground-breaking here, and Pi's character is kind of a non-entity, but I think I'm going to enjoy it. My favorite characters at the moment are the two girls. Keiko is adorable and the other one (who supremely annoyed me in Love Shuffle) is pretty funny.
First - what the hell is with the Japanese and Colonel Sanders?!


Second - A handful of random caps from Atashinchi no Danshi 8 & 9 and MR BRAIN 3 - No spoilers )

Other completely random news
1. I guess NEWS isn't going to do the theme for Pi's new drama Buzzer Beat. Instead it will be B'z, so it'll actually be good! I hope this drama will be decent or at least super cheesy. Anything but boring, PLEASE. And can Yamapi have an actual personality? That's be GREAT.
2. Tamaki Hiroshi is dating is co-star from Love Shuffle - THAT'S ADORABLE. Maybe she'll get him to eat a sandwich.
3. Some alley cat was screaming all last night, that combined with the fact I have all this drainage down the back of my throat I got ZERO sleep. Then when I went through the drivethru at Starbuck's this morning I asked for a pepperNUT latte, the employee made fun of me, and threatened to give me a pepperCORN latte. He was cute though, so it's all good.
4. IRAN.

ETA: Lavender looks like a total creeper in the new HBP posters.


May. 19th, 2009 01:31 pm
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I could never truly explain to my mother my thoughts on Twilight. I've written plenty of papers with strong opinions in the past, but when it comes to Twilight I am at a loss for words. Usually it comes out as "OMG, it's so stupid. I HATE BELLA" which isn't the most convincing argument in the world. There are so many wonderful and hilarious thoughts on the entire phenomenon by people on the interwebs that my argument has degraded down to just the common denominator of "It just IS". Maybe there are just so many things wrong with it I can't sort out all the information trying to fly out of my mouth. Whatever. I'm a moron. ANYWAY.

So when the movie came out and my mom enjoyed that I could never convince her of my disdain for Bella as a character, how amused I was by the movie, etc, because it is all tainted from having read the books (the resulting brain cell loss could very well explain my inability to form an argument). She said "What's wrong with it? It's just a love story." My response? "But... it's TWILIGHT. Why don't you understand?!"

Then I lent her my copy and now everything is ok, because the first thing she said to me (not having finished it by the way) was what she liked best about the movie is that you couldn't hear what Bella was thinking. Bella is possibly the most boring (and rude!) character ever created. She also thinks that Edward's fascination with her is creepy and it didn't come off as that way in the movie. No hundred year old man should be sneaking into a teenager's room. Ew.

She also asked me how old the author was because the writing was... let's go with 'lacking'. :X I laughed out loud at that. Oh, Stephanie Meyer, how you amuse.


Finally finished Byakkotai (that was about a years worth of effort to finish that) and the Zettai Kareshi SP. Neither were anything special, but Atashinchi no Danshi is growing on me (Sho/Chisato OTP!). I've also picked Jotei back up, because apparently I enjoy rotting my brain?

Speaking of Mr. Yamashita: [ profile] watchful21 posted some speculation on Yamapi's possible/rumored summer drama. She is guessing it is going to be based on the manga "Slam Dunk" which I never read or saw the anime, so I know nothing about. It's all completely unfounded speculation, but it's always fun to guess. I just want it to be something fun. Pi isn't exactly the greatest dramatic actor out there, I just want him to be in something genuinely entertaining for once.

ETA (because it's relevant to Twilight): They've cast Cathy and Heathcliff (Chuck from GG, LOL) for a new remake of Wuthering Heights. I couldn't stop laughing when Bella brought up WH because if there is one heroine I might dislike more than Bella (and the girl from "Dive From Clausen's Pier"), it's freaking Cathy from Wuthering Heights. OMG, what a bitch. I don't even remember that much of the story beyond thinking that Cathy and Heathcliff both deserved each other. Seriously. What awful human beings.



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