I watched the Kimi ni Todoke movie a while ago, and now that LJ has stopped being ridiculous for a minute I'm going to attempt to post about it. I enjoyed it for the most part, but really what it mostly did was make me want a drama version really really badly.

The cast was just so freaking perfect. I knew Tabe Mikako would be great as Sawako, because she did a pretty great odd girl in Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi and Miura Haruma is pretty much Kazehaya come to life (the smile!). But the supporting cast is was really surprised me. They just completely embodied these characters, it was almost a little shocking. PLUS Kiritani Mirei played Kurumi and I just adored her in Natsu Niji and was pleasantly surprised to see her in this movie. It doesn't hurt that I kind of love Kurumi and her frenemy relationship with Sawako.

If you're a fan of the manga or anime, you'll probably love this movie (it reminded me that I need to catch up on both...). Otherwise, it might be a little slow? The entire series is kind of a slow burn, but it's really a lovely little story about Sawako coming into her own in regards to friendship, love, and her own personality. It's got some great friendship moment between Sawako, Ayana, and Chizuru both of who are great characters in their own right. Probably my favorite part of the movie was their friendship

That and how ridiculous cute Sawako and Kazehaya are, despite my desire to just shove them together like Barbie dolls so they realize that they are IN LOVE ALREADY.

For the most part, the movie kept true to the story and just trimmed some stuff, which is fine. What I didn't like is when they straight up changed stuff. Sawako DOES go to New Years with Kazehaya and it's ADORABLE. He gives her his good luck fortune! I wish they'd just stayed with the original story. That's what the anime did, and while they weren't together it was still satisfying. I guess it doesn't give a great deal of closure, they don't declare their love for each other or anything, but it's still nice. And since when do Japanese movie give clear cut ending anyway? I get what I usually want and now I'm unhappy! I can't be pleased!

They also left out what is arguable my favorite scene in the entire series. When Kazehaya walks Sawako home after the whole group has cleaned Pin's apartment. She grabs onto the back of his coat and he comes THISCLOSE to kissing her and my insides go all gooey, but then it all falls apart (hilariously) because this show wants to kill me.

The rest of the scene behind the cut. One of these days I think Kazehaya is just going to go ahead and kill Pin )

I'm a couple episodes into the second series of the anime. I'd forgotten the ridiculous amount of ~*~*shoujo bubbles*~*~ this show uses. LOL. LOVEITFOREVER.



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