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Dec. 30th, 2011 03:23 pm
I fudged a little when I did my 2011 drama countdown, since technically I wasn't done with City Hall or Flower Boy Ramen Shop at the time I created my list. I had 2 or the former and 4 of the laterleft. I figured that unless there was a Hong Gil Dong level of mood/plot change that my opinion probably wouldn't waver that much. And having finished them, I now know I WAS RIGHT. Both were pretty middle of the road dramas for me, with City Hall definitely being the better of the two.

City Hall

Spoilers for City Hall and FBRS )

Anyway, now I can catch up on What's Up, start Padam Padam, and wait for Wild Romance to start. Everyone else can check out that Moon-Sun saguek... let me know if it's worth it.

Currently I'm watching only one airing drama: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I was completely ready to drop it after the first two episodes because it just didn't click with me, but everyone else loved it so much I decided to give it another shot. And it was better! But now I'm ten episodes in, not invested at all, kind of hate the two male leads, but pretty much commited. I've passed the point of no return. I just can't bare to stop when I've already put this much time into a show. I just really wished I liked it better.

Spoiler through ep 10 )

I went ahead and started City Hall... and it's kind of a mirror of my dealings with FBRS. Initially I wasn't enamored of it, but there is so much love for this show in drama fandom I gave it another try. And then it was good! For a while... Now I'm ten episodes in and the election has only now begun and I feel like it will never. end. Spoiler through 10, again! )

Either I just keep picking dramas that are wrong for me or I've become IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE. This could very well be the case.

I'm anxiously awaiting subs for What's Up. Given the writer I have ever growing hopes for this show. Is it only getting subbed on viki? That's a bummer.

Anyway, I keep trolling the What's Up tracked tag on tumblr and people are only posting caps of Daesung (from Big Bang). What's a girl gotta do to get some Oh Man-seok up in this joint? Apparently he plays a drunk music professor? Can the show just be about him? The kids can sing and dance in the background. I don't really care.

Maybe I'll just go watch The Vineyard Man. AGAIN.



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