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Following the cut you will find a ranking of my least to most favorite of the dramas (Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese) that I finished this year.

I think the whole this is pretty safe, though I do make a few allusions to plot points. So, I'm just going to cover my bases and say potential spoilers for Coffee House, Dal Ja's Spring, Fantasy Couple, Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child, Hotaru no Hikari 2, Iris, Kekkon Dekinai Otoko, Liar Game 2, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku, Oh My Lady, Playful Kiss, Prosecutor Princess, Shokojo Seira, Smile You, Smiling Pasta, Something Happened in Bali, Sunao ni Narenakute, Tsuki no Koibito, and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan.

It's one big ol' image. JSYK )

Final Thoughts: I have to say, 2010 was a bit of a disappointment for me on the drama front. Nothing I watched this year merited a five star ranking on my own personal Drama Rankings. Maybe I'm just getting bitter in my old age, because my top two dramas I adored yet just couldn't bring myself to call them nearly perfect. But honestly, I wonder if I rewatched some of those 5 star dramas if I wouldn't demote them now. I watched them when the world of dramas was still mostly shiny, new, and wonderful. I thought everything was great back then. AH WELL.

What I can say is that there was a crop of excellent female characters, it's just too bad they were stuck in such middling (Eun Young, Coffee House) or straight-up awful (Maemi, Tsuki no Koibito) dramas.

Here is hoping for better results next year! I'm going to start 2011 off by finishing up Joseon X-Files and then either Chuno, Secret Garden, Story of a Man, or City Hall.


Mar. 24th, 2010 09:43 am
I finished IRIS the day before yesterday...Cut for spoilers, doi ) Anyway, it definitely knocks Goong out of my top 10 kdramas (it was only there because I haven't really seen that many to completion).

So now I'm looking for something new to watch. I checked out the first episodes of HERO and Mukodono! and while they were both entertaining, neither clicked with me. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be watching Personal Taste and Prosecutor Princess in the upcoming kdrama season, so I'd like to watch something Japanese. Maybe I'll try Kekkon Dekinai Otoko? I don't know since I'm not really sure what I'm even in the mood for.

LOST: Poor Richard!

My entire bottom lip and tongue are completely numb thanks to my morning visit with the dentist.  Oh the joy of fillings.  Hopefully I'll be talking normally soon.  Let me tell you, putting chapstick on numb lips is a very bizarre experience.

Flist, I am WORN OUT.  I spent the entire weekend doing a hard clean of my house.  Saturday was devoted to window washing.  This means the inside and outside, all the storms and screens, plus the nastiness that has collected in the window sill.  This is one fo the things I hate about renting: living with other peoples filth.  I still can't get one of my windows open and it makes me claustrophobic. 

Sunday was spent cleaning woodwork, mopping, dusting, etc.  Of course, my vacuum broke so the rugs still need to be cleaned.  That's annoying.

ETA: Um, duh, I also REFINISHED A DRESSER this weekend. Expect a picspam this week.

My cats slept all weekend.  I find this annoying as well.  Now all that is left is to clean out all the crap I don't need that I've just jammed into the hall closet.

Plus, I'm fighting this cold which has basically left me with no energy and a throat that feels three times too big.  I did get some good sleep though, thanks to Nyquil.  Ahhh, drugs.

No drama watching this weekend D:  I only have two episodes left of IRIS and I need to watch them.  I'm worried about Seung Hee's secret.  Finally, this show has me on the edge of my seat!

Inspired by [ profile] dangermousie and [ profile] princess_dexter, I've compiled a list of my top 10 personal favorite dramas by country.  What it boils down to is that I like romantic comedies, but I already knew that.  I also don't mind a good cry now and then, but I don't want a drama steeped in angst.


1. Utahime
2. Nodame Cantabile
3. Hana Yori Dango
4. Bara no nai Hanaya
5. Nobuta wo Produce
6. My Boss My Hero
7. Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi
8. Pride
9. Hana Kimi
10. Tiger & Dragon


1. Capital Scandal
2. Coffee Prince
3. Legend
4. The Vineyard Man
5. Fantasy Couple
6. Hong Gil Dong
7. Bad Family
8. The Painter of the Wind
9. Smile, You
10. Goong

TWDRAMAS: I've only seen one, so you win ToGetHer!  Congrats!

Hey flist! Do you like art? Do you like to vote? Then you should vote for my buddy [ profile] jennekohan's entry for the Phoenix Comicon Badge Art Contest. See how cute:


IRIS continues to be pretty awesome. It's not as twisty as I would like it to be. I was really hoping it would be more like the first season of 24 which really kept you on the edge of your seat. There were some genuine shocks when it came to that show. And while IRIS is action-packed, I don't find myself needing to watch the next episode. Sure, I want to, but that's because I care about the characters and I want to know what happens to them. But for a show about spies, there really doesn't seem to be any intrigue beyond Hyun Jun's past.

Take the bomb for example (spoilers through ep 17): From the moment Hyun Jun and Sun Hwa visited all the destinations on the terrorists GPS I knew it was going to be on the bus. Probably because all the camera shots OF said bus telegraphed that to the audience. The only genuince moment of surprise I've had was when Vic killed Mi Jung. And even then, they paused for too long on him just holding her face. I'm actually pretty pissed that she fell for his bullshit. The girl stood up to a group of armed terrorists but went ahead and stole codes for some guy because he hugged her. Lame :P

But really, this is a minor complain because I'm still really enjoying this drama, though it's mainly for the cast. It's also kind of nice to be able to watch a drama that obviously had a huge budget and doesn't have to use the same five sets (Hi there, Smile, You). Lee Byung Hun is pretty darn amazing as Hyun Jun. My heart breaks for him in pretty much every scene. And I really REALLY want to watch Last Scandal now to see Jung Joon Ho in a different role (and because it comes so highly recommended. I know Kim Tae Hee has gotten plenty of flack for her 'acting' but I think she's doing a great job playing a very strong woman. I love how Seung Hee doesn't let anyone tell her how to feel.  How badass was she strangling that guy with a desklamp? COME ON.

But I think Kim So Yeon wins my heart for her work as Sun Hwa. Her story is very much a mirror of Hyun Jun's: Not only can she hand anyone who tries their ass on a platter, her life is pretty tragic. She has no family left in the world. And while he has Seung Hee, she had the unfortunate fate of falling in love with him. More spoilers for 17: Their goodbye after they defeated the terrorists and her subsequent breakdown in the car?! OH MY HEART. As such, I'm worried that I'm going to be watching Prosecutor Princess over any of the other offerings this upcoming kdrama season.


MAN, I am definitely not tackling a 40+ episode drama for quite some time. That's not to say I didn't enjoy Smile... It's just... that was just a LOT of episodes.

I did have one issue with the last two episodes: How is it that in one scene we have Grandpa and Jung In dancing in the driveway and then the next scene of him has him in a coma in his bedroom? Everyone was like: "Please wake up" and I'm sitting here thinking I really must have MISSED SOMETHING, because how did he slip into a coma without me SEEING IT? I must have rewound five times just to make sure I hadn't erased it from my memory. But, that's seriously how they did it. One scene, he was dancing around with Jung In, then we see her and Hyun Soo at the OB/GYN, and then Jung In's dad is trying to wake the grandfather up with the smell of food. WHAT THE HELL, SHOW? And if he IS in a coma, WHY ISN'T HE AT A HOSPITAL? I understand having him at home for hospice care, but maybe you should get him checked out for real first? I just... I don't know. And I'm guessing he was dead at the end? I was actually fine with that, we'd already seen the family go through so much grief with his illness, heart attack, and dementia, I really didn't need to see them sob for and hour watching him die. So, I liked the upbeat nature of the ending. His spirit is watching them and their ever-expanding brood. I thought it was sweet.

But really, that didn't detract at all from how much I enjoyed the drama as a whole. Sure, the family drama was HORRIBLY TIRESOME at times, but the relationship between Jung In and Hyun Soo allowed me to forgive all that. I adored watching their relationship develop, it was completely organic, and I loved how they both evolved as individuals through the entire length of the series. And they just loved each other so much. It was wonderful just being able to watch them be happy and find strength in their partner near the end. And so much snuggling and kissing. Oh, I adored it.

I'm very excited to see what drama Lee Min Jung does next. She has so much charisma, she just lights up the screen. And I'll need to check out some of Jung Kyung Ho's previous work. Princess Ja Myung Go and Time Between Dog and Wolf are both on my to-watch list.

I also watched the first two episodes of 18 vs. 29, but I think I'm going to have to set it aside for a while. Everyone was kind of rubbing me the wrong way. It was all very shrill. It kind of reminded me of my initial reaction to Wallflower. I'm just not in the mood for that at this moment.

So, for the time being I'm going to focus my efforts on finishing IRIS. I'm through episode 15 now. I kind of loved episode 15, particularly the showdown between Hyun Joon and Sa Woo. That was so heartbreaking! And it totally wasn't fair to do those flashbacks to happier times. I was totally tearing up right along with Hyun Joon. That had to hurt SO MUCH. But, I can see why Sa Woo wouldn't back down. Once you've done so many terrible things, you can't really acknowledge what you did as wrong. How would you ever be able to live with yourself?

And I think I'm getting a cold, unless this sinus pressure, fatigue, and cough mean something else. Do not want.

OH! And Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! La Fheile Padraig Sona Duit! I hope you're wearing green. If not, I just gave you an internet pinch. Go drink some green beer.
First, the bad news. I parked on the street in front of my house Friday night. Saturday morning I go out and discover some jackass has sideswiped my car in the early hours, busted my driver-side mirror, and ran. No note, nothing. So now I am out $450 for brand new mirror and the labor needed to reinstall it. Plus, I won’t get it until after the weekend due to the holiday. Until then I have to drive around like some redneck with a broken mirror. It’s a little scary driving sans mirror. I enjoy being able to see. I should count my blessings that it wasn’t worse. I can’t imagine what it would have cost if they had damaged more of my car.

Cut for picture of damage )

I really hope karma comes back and bites them in the ASS.

Good news: I’m done with Christmas shopping! Now I just need to wrap everything. Christmas is rather small this year given I have no money, which is sad because I really do enjoy getting people things. I had also meant to make a rag quilt for my mom, but never got around to it. I’m finally in the Christmas spirit, though! I’m even listening to Christmas music at my desk (thanks, Pandora). We got a little dusting of snow, which almost ended with me on my ass because ice and heels don’t mix. But, I survived.

What I watched this weekend, jdramas, kdramas, and regular-type tv! )



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