Day 08: Your Favorite Line/s by a Female Lead Character

"Delicious!" - Gu Mi-ho (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

So, my other choice for this was Anna's oft-repeated demand of "Buy me jjajangmyun" in Fantasy Couple because I apparently like when people talk about food? But, I've already discussed how much I adore her and everything she does. So, let's turn our focus to another Hong Sisters' heroine who is the opposite of Anna's abrasive nature, but equally delightful.

I pretty much adored everything about Gu Mi-ho. The entire drama could have been her exploring the human world and eating meat and I would have been a happy camper.

30 Days of Kdramas )
Finally got around to this

Following the cut you will find a ranking of my least to most favorite of the dramas (Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese) that I finished this year.

I think the whole this is pretty safe, though I do make a few allusions to plot points. So, I'm just going to cover my bases and say potential spoilers for Coffee House, Dal Ja's Spring, Fantasy Couple, Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child, Hotaru no Hikari 2, Iris, Kekkon Dekinai Otoko, Liar Game 2, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku, Oh My Lady, Playful Kiss, Prosecutor Princess, Shokojo Seira, Smile You, Smiling Pasta, Something Happened in Bali, Sunao ni Narenakute, Tsuki no Koibito, and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan.

It's one big ol' image. JSYK )

Final Thoughts: I have to say, 2010 was a bit of a disappointment for me on the drama front. Nothing I watched this year merited a five star ranking on my own personal Drama Rankings. Maybe I'm just getting bitter in my old age, because my top two dramas I adored yet just couldn't bring myself to call them nearly perfect. But honestly, I wonder if I rewatched some of those 5 star dramas if I wouldn't demote them now. I watched them when the world of dramas was still mostly shiny, new, and wonderful. I thought everything was great back then. AH WELL.

What I can say is that there was a crop of excellent female characters, it's just too bad they were stuck in such middling (Eun Young, Coffee House) or straight-up awful (Maemi, Tsuki no Koibito) dramas.

Here is hoping for better results next year! I'm going to start 2011 off by finishing up Joseon X-Files and then either Chuno, Secret Garden, Story of a Man, or City Hall.
Things have been going a little non-stop at work. I wanted to make this post on Monday, but that... didn't happen. So here I am! Pieced this sucker together throughout the day. My eyes kind of ache and all I want to do is some loooong distance looking, since I'm sick to death of staring at a computer screen, but I need to get this post up. DEDICATION, PEOPLE. Recognize.


Randomly decided a couple weekends ago to refurbish my dining room table. This wasn't exactly the wisest move since I had a really tight budget for the month (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, CAR), but I did it anyway. Because who am I to kowtow to reality? I laugh in it's face. Besides, I was bored of looking at this: BEFORE! )

It was just a cheap dining room set that was actually found on the curb. The two red chairs I got from a family friend since it originally only had three chairs. I removed the legs, which was a lot easier than I thought. I was worried it was going to be super complicated, but it was just two bolts that were easily undone. Then I sanded all the pieces and primed the legs, sides of the table, and all five chairs.

TIP: Don't get quick-drying primer. It leaves all kinds of crazy brushmarks. I wasn't too concerned for this project though, since it's nothing fancy, but this is information I will hold for future reference.

Then I primed the top of the table. I used the same color stain as I did for the armoire I refinished, but it looks a LOT darker. I couldn't quite figure out what the table was actually made out of. I thought it was wood, but now think it might just be MDF with a veneer? It's not that heavy though. Anyway, it didn't want to take the stain at all. So I had to just let it sit on there and dry. When I've stained stuff before it soaks it right up. But this took for-ev-er. But it eventually dried. I don't even know how many coats I put on until it looked even. Then I put on three coats of satin polyurethane. I didn't want it to be super shiny, especially because it ended up coming out pretty much black. That's not exactly my style, but it looks really good against the aqua blue I put on the legs. That was just a little quart of paint my sister had left over from painting her room.

I ended up using the pale yellow I bought for my kitchen on the chairs. I love the way the table turned out, but I'm not convinced I like how the chair color looks. Maybe I just need a better rug to pull the look together? Anyway: the finished project ladies and gentleman: AFTER! )

The desk covered in junk and kitty litter bag probably aren't helping the look. OH WELL.

I also made a monkey: MONKEY! )

It's for the boy my cousin had a couple weeks ago. I have several other new babies to make gifts for. I'm making a lion next and I think I need to switch to a smaller weight yarn because it's HUGE. It might eat the baby, is what I'm saying.

On to entertainment yammering...

Not really thrilled with this week's Mad Men. I think it's because the last couple of episodes have been pretty fantastic. This one just felt blah. Good, but not GREAT. I want to like Faye, but she hasn't really clicked with me yet. But I was thrilled when she refused to break client-confidentiality for Don. Then she went and backed down :( As least it made Don feel guilty for SLEEPING WITH HIS SECRETARY, AGAIN. BECAUSE IT ENDED SO WELL THE LAST TIME OH MY GOD.

Read The Hunger Games. Loved The Hunger Games. Need the next book in the series, WHY MUST THE HOLD LIST BE SO LONG?! D: Katniss was a fantastic heroine. I loved her. I loved how exciting and emotional this book was. I cried like a baby when Rue died. Full on sobbing. The only downside is that I'm trying to come up with something to write for NaNo and I've got nothing. I wish I had the creative powers displayed by Suzanne Collins. *jealous*

Finished My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and enjoyed it overall. By far the best thing about it was Mi-ho. It reminded me a lot of Fantasy Couple in that respect. I loved Anna, but could take or leave the rest. There were things I both liked and disliked about the finale. Mi-ho and Dae-woong's final day together was beautifully done. I teared up when they kept trying to find something to do and being thwarted. I thought the resolution was a major cop out though. I don't ask for much, but I do ask for no deus ex machina. If they were going to have the Samshin grandmother come in and help fix everything, they least they could have done was introduced her earlier. Random, but I loved how Hye-in was all "eff you people, I'm sick of this nonsense" by the end XD
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 13 & 14 - Ah, we're entering the final stretch and that means it's time for forced separations and for my attention to wander. Angst and drama just means less time for Shin Min Ah to be completely adorable on my computer screen. I think my main issues lies with Dong Joo. I don't mind that he's not some big bad, but I really wish we had some more information on him, his background, AND WHAT THE HELL HE WANTS. He's just this well of knowledge who likes to say ominous things and stare at people. Mo Min Woo is kind of scary pretty for a man, but he just comes across as so blank on screen. That could be a good thing if used correctly, but I don't think it is.

Playful Kiss 1 - OKAY, SO HOW SUPER CUTE IS THIS SHOW? I kind of love everything about it, from the breezy music and cinematography to Oh Ha Ni herself. I really just wanted her to hand Seung Jo his head because that was an asshole move on his part. How does something like that? Argh. Anyway, I think Jung So Min is totes adorable and will handily fulfill my cuteness quota once MGiaG goes off the air *tears in my eyes*

Also, please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks she has an eerie resemblance to Yoon Eun Hye, especially when she's sporting a little side bun like YEH did in Goong. It kind of freaks me out. Photographic Evidence )
Ah, a fresh new TV season. There were two success stories from last year for me: The Vampire Diaries and Community. TVD has already returned in top form and I have nothing but ridiculously high expectations for Community, which comes back on Thursday (IS IT THURSDAY YET?). I hate that they are in the same time slot. Networks should base their schedules around my needs.

I checked out two new offerings last night: The Event and Hawaii Five-0 and both were pretty good.

The Event pilot was a pretty good introduction. It teased without being completely vague and confusing. I was a little concerned because a lot of reviews complained about all the time jumping, but I was able to follow along no problem. And I'm really not that observant of a tv watcher a lot of the time. I'm intrigued and will continue to watch until it disappoints (see: FlashForward) or I'm completely committed to the abusive relationship (see: LOST).

Hawaii Five-0 I only checked out because of Lost alum, Daniel Dae Kim. I don't know how wish a decision this was, because whenever he was on screen all I could think about was "Where's Sun?". But at the same time I can make the world of Hawaii Five-0 into an AU of Lost where Jin, Sun, and baby Ji-Yeon are living in Hawai'i running a souvenir shop and using new names, having escaped her psycho father. Sun and Ji-Yeon just never appear on screen. HAPPY ENDING.

It was doubly confusing because I had no idea James Marsters was going to be in the pilot and whenever HE was on screen all I could think was "Spike is ENGLISH, not Irish, stupid show. Also, vampires can't be out in the daylight."

Random, but it made me smile whenever they said hoale because it reminded me of the Hawaiian friends I had in college. Hawai'i was a pretty well represented state at my school for some bizarre reason (which was in Wisconsin it should be noted). It wasn't used in a derogatory way, just to note that the rest of us were mainlanders.

ANYWAY, it's perfectly good little cop show, and Grace Park kicked butt. Thought they are treading a very thin line in regards to the huge amount of fan service she provided. None of the guys had to strip down to their skivvies. I'm just saying.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho continues to be my most favorite thing ever. But I'm watching it streaming now (because I can't help myself) so I have no caps or gifs for you :(

In non-entertainmnet business I feel like everything mechanical in my life is falling apart. I finally took my car in for new tires only to have them call me and say that my rear brake pads need to be replaced. AWESOME.

Also, my bathroom faucet started to leak and my freezer decided that it just doesn't feel like FREEZING things anymore. Luckily, both those matters fall to my landlord so I don't have to pay for them. Except for all the water I'm currently wasting. But, he's also going to replace the outlet in the living room which is what I'm actually the most excited about. The electrical in this place sucks and probably hasn't been replaced in several decades. I'm just hoping for an outlet that doesn't require me to tape plugs to it else they fall out. Fancy.

ETA: AHHAHAHAHA, just got off the phone with the mechanic. Turns out my right-rear control arm is jammed and they can't align my tires properly. I need a new one! IT'S $300 DOLLARS!

... I very nearly threw my phone against the wall since they'd already called me earlier today with the bonus!news about my brake pads. BUT! My new best friend mechanic guy Nolan talked to his boss and even though I'm out of warranty, because I always get my service done there they aren't going to charge me! MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE.


I'm not even going to go into My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, because I'm still ridiculous about it. I'm aware of it's faults (mainly any character or storyline that ISN'T Mi-Ho... and to a lesser degree Dae-Woong), but I don't care because I just go to a happy wonderful place whenever Gu Mi-Ho is being adorable.

In other drama news, I've devoured the first 6 eps of Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (hereafter known at Natsu Niji because COME ON). And it's been so long since I've enjoyed so many dramas at the same time. This one is just completely precious and I adore every character, which is more than can be said for MGiaG. And since it has a shorter jdrama running time, I just inhale it like candy. I just want to snuggle everyone. It's so pleasant and easy to watch.

Sakura might be my favorite character though, as wonderful as Shiori is and as goofy as Taiga is, I wish Sakura had her own show. I love how serious she is about work, she manages to be very professional but is just as quick to drop that facade and show her slightly acerbic personality. But she's never false or cutesy and I love it! I just wish she hadn't fallen for Taiga. I knew it would happen, but I really don't like it. I don't think the show needs that. Also, I KNEW I had seen her before. She was totally in Hana Kimi! I'm not insane!

GOLD is awesome. More subs need to come out. That is all.

What's with all the fantastic female characters this season? I LOVE IT.

Watched the first 15 minutes or so of Joseon X-Files and it looked pretty promising. Very slick. I'm excited to watch more. Anyone else following this series?

Leverage went out with kind of a putter for it's summer mid-season finale. I thought they phoned it in, which was disappointing.

No True Blood this week... *claws at walls* I don't see how they are going to resolve everything next week (there is only one episode left, right?). The show has been all over the place I almost feel like too much has gone on, but also nothing at all. I mean really, what are the plot points? The werewolves have kind of disappeared...

Basically, I'm still on kind of a high from this week's Mad Men, which I'm fairly certain is in my top 5, if not my favorite episode. Fantastic through and through. I found this recap/picspam here and it just made me want to rewatch the episode more.
So, I discovered Animation Shop and it's so much more efficient at making gifs it's not even funny. Plus, it doesn't try and murder my computer the way Photoshop does. I'm just using the trail version right now, but I may go ahead and spring for the real thing. It's not that pricey and gif making is kind of super fun. Unless there is a free version out there that doesn't stamp it's name across everything or infect my computer.

Remade my original gif:

And made a new one:

gif-making... the gateway drug to fan-mvs?

IT YOU COULDN'T TELL, I'm still pretty gung-ho about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and want episode 5 to be subbed nownownownowNOW. But it's not :( Hopefully the holiday weekend will distract me. Plus, episode 3 of GOLD is apparently subbed, which is awesome news.

What's everyone else watching? Apparently everything else I'm following has hit some sort of subbing wall (Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and Hotaru no Hikari 2).

Note about the LJ/FB/TW Axis of Evil Plot: I find it really unbelievable that LJ didn't see this reaction coming. FB has been getting nothing but crap about their privacy settings recently and LJ is predominantly fandom-related. Some people may be fine with those two worlds mixing, but it is a very tricky line for the majority of us.

What were they thinking allowing for such a huge privacy hole? They sure aren't making it easy for themselves. Just make it opt-in. Problem solved.


Sep. 1st, 2010 10:13 am

I finished Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child and the last two episodes completely saved the show for me. Spoilers to follow... Spoilers I tell ya! )

I really hope the potential drama strike doesn't happen. I'm kind of in love with My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and am already jonesing for ep 5 to get subbed already. I don't think I'll handle further delays very well.
I really wasn't expecting much when I downloaded the first episode of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. You're Beautiful had left a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth for the Hong Sisters, despite loving both Hong Gil Dong and Fantasy Couple. I just didn't find YB all that funny and Go Mi Nam was more than I could stand.

Besides, I'm through ep 14 of Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child and am enjoying it well enough. I figured that was going to be my gumiho drama of choice, despite the issues I'm having with it. The main issue is that while it has a wonderfully fresh concept and deals with relationships (mother/daughter in particular) that you don't often see spotlighted in dramas, and has a nice mythological base, it is just SO. SLOW. I could really do without having 1/2 of every episode dedicated to people running around and yelling. Just cut that out and you'd have a solid drama. As it is, it gets rather tiresome.

I have a few words I'd like to say about Lord Yoon, but I have screencaps to go with them, so I'll wait. Suffice it to say: I don't like him.

Anyway: HOW MUCH FUN IS MGiaG? I haven't had this positive of a reaction to a drama in quite some time. Not a once did I find my gaze wandering, and everything I've watched recently (Gumiho most of all, but even bits of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and Hotaru no Hikari 2)has had some difficulties holding my attention. But the first three episodes of MGiaG just sailed by for me, which is almost unheard of with the lengthy kdrama running time.

It may be leftover warm fuzzies from the first two episodes of GOLD (WHICH HAPPENS TO BE AMAZING), but I think the major cause is right here:

I adore Gu Mi-Ho. She's cute without being cloying, curious without being stupid, and odd without being intolerable. She is such a doll! :D

Off-topic: Could anyone point me to some animated gif tutorials? I made the above one with screenshots I took frame by frame, but there has to be a better way, right? And how do I make it faster? It looked right in the Photoshop preview, but now it's all laggy. Enlighten me, flist.



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