SO I spoiled myself for My Princess episode 7 and I want to watch it SO BAD. I NEED TO WATCH IT.

But...but Thursday night TV! D:

Watched episodes 5 and 6 of My Princess yesterday. It continues to be adorable and the beginning of episode 6 is one of the best things I've seen in a while.

Time to become a princess. Spoilers for ep 6 )

Finished Joseon X-Files and I think everybody should just go ahead and watch it. It was a great mix of drama, humor, and creepiness. Plus, I don't think there has ever been another drama that I've loved just looking at so much. It's strange that for a show that dealt with such strange topics, I'll mostly remember how great I thought the camera work and lighting was. The director did a wonderful job of creating atmosphere through both. For a show about aliens and other phenomena it just felt real to me from the locations to costumes to characters. it was more like watching a movie than a drama.

Having said that, I have some thoughts on the finale...Spoooooilers )

Watched the first two episodes of My Princess and I can't believe how much I'm enjoying it. I had no intention of watching it at all, honestly. I just wasn't interested for whatever reason, even though on paper it's totally my thing, but I'm so glad I changed my mind! It's pure fun. I'd only seen Kim Tae-hee in IRIS before, and while I liked her there, I love her in this role. She's too precious. I'd never seen Song Seung-heon in anything before, though I'd heard plenty about his "acting." And while there is no denying those abs, his face just never did anything for me. And while I think Kim Tae-hee is totally the heart and soul of this operation, I love when they are silly together. Cuteness. Serious cuteness, people.

In other news: my cats chewed on my power adapter cord and killed it. Now I get to go buy a new one. Joy. I wish they'd just go ahead and get shocked so they'd learn their lesson. Of course, they're probably too stupid to remember what happened. Any ideas on how to make power cords less appealing?



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