I dyed my hair on Saturday because I'm sick to death of the random white hairs. Nothing drastic, it's pretty much my ordinary color but a tad darker. I just wanted to hide the offending strands. But now it's kind of acting wierd. My hair isn't curling the same way it usually does. It's a bit more wavy instead of curly. I actually really like it, but I'm wondering how much longer it'll last. Strange chemical reactions.

My neighbor is annoying me. Apparently she got someone to look at her car that has been sitting in our carport for about three months now. That's all fine and well, but now it is blocking both spots of the carport (it's off an alley). So I'm parking on the street and no one is there for me to ask them to move. I had parking on the street. I have nightmares that some drunk asshole is going to sideswipe my car.

Speaking of nightmares, I had a dream I was back in high school. UGH. Unneccesary, subconscious! And super unappreciated. It was the same building, only about five times bigger. And like any other school dream I have, I don't know my schedule so I wander around the hallways not knowing what to do with myself.

In better news, I finished Painter of the Wind this weekend. I'll go ahead and say I loved it, but there are a few asterisks...spoilers for the finale... )

I've now watched the first couple episodes of The Return of Iljimae and I'm not sure about my feelings. At times I really enjoy it... and then the narrator speaks up and I'm super annoyed. I feel like it cheapens the whole drama. It gives it a very storybook feel, which I guess they were going for, but it feels childish.

My Fair Lady remains super boring.


Oct. 1st, 2009 12:27 pm
rosdrise: (bof - ji hoo)

My sister starts her new job at the newspaper today in the marketing department.  She's employed!  Go her!  I can't wait to hear about it.

The second episode of Merlin was pretty funny.  I laughed out loud at quite a few bits.  The romance was 'meh' - too fast, so I didn't really buy it.

Painter of the Wind on the other hand~~~  I only have four episodes left and I'm dreading it ending.  This is such a well constructed story, the only fault I have with it is that they tend to stretch plotlines out a bit.  But it's a leisurely and lush journey, so I can't help but really enjoy it.

Damon continues to be the only redeeming quality of The Vampire Diaries.  I don't know why I downloaded the third episodew when I decided to stop watching it in favor of FlashForward.  Everything else is so boring, but I do so enjoy when Damon is on screen.

I'm nearing the last quarter of "I Capture The Castle" and it's simply wonderful and oh so charming.  I hate that it took me so long to start it.
I finally got around to watching Rough Cut, which has been sitting on my hard drive since the beginning of the year, I think. Mostly that is thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dangermousie for announcing her opinion on her journal last week. Apparently all the awards the film received (and Kang Ji Hwan's face) weren't enough to convince me. I've been burned too many time, but it my own damn fault. I watch movies and specials with actors I like before things that are probably better quality.

Rough Cut was an interesting movie, not exactly the genre I normally seek out (noir/action?), but I never that picky when it comes to stuff like that. The basic plot is Kang Ji Hwan is kind of an asshole actor who has sent his past two costars to the hospital after beating them. No one wants to work with his, so he get's So Ji Sub to step in. The only catch is that So Ji Sub wants all the fighting to be real, no pulled punches. So, people tend to get their ass kicked in this movie.

I viewed it as more of a character study than anything else (the sub plot with the gangsters was kind of a snorefest for me, but it set up the ending, so there you have it). Because, while both leads are violent, and share many similarities, they actually couldn't be more different. They both have many dimensions to their personalities, both hard and soft, but in the end the fact that one is an actor and the other is a gangster is undeniable.


I need more Kang Ji Hwan on my journal, like NOW. Click here for larger KJH cap, muddy, bloody So Ji Sub, MR BRAIN episodes 7-8, and Buzzer Beat 2 PICSPAMS! :D )

Question for those of you who have seen Painter of the Wind (this may just be [livejournal.com profile] sailorgaia and [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf): The subs I have for this are kind of awful. It's like they combined three different translations of a line for everything each character says, so I know I am missing some things. Or maybe I'm just not quick enough, this is totally a possibility. I just finished episode 9 and I can not for the life of me understand why the Dowager Queen and her political lackeys don't want the King to appoint a portrait artist. What is the deal?
Since I've run out of Triple to watch and had to find something else to entertain myself. I watched the first episode of Desperate Romantics, a new BBC series about the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. I don't know if I'll watch anymore, because as attractive as Aiden Turner is (MITCHELL)- watching men be complete pigs is one of my least favorite past times. It was funny though... we'll see.

I also watched the 3rd and 4th episode of Painter of the Wind (Hey! Artists again!). This is infinitely more lovely. I also kind of loved the bath/swing scene for how subversive/suggestive it was. random caps of pretty girls and costumes )
Apparently we're all about having hail storms over here. On Saturday when I was returning home from having dinner at my aunt and uncle's house (and being mauled by my 5 cousins) I was greeted with the nasty falling ice. The rain got pretty bad, so decided to pull off the road and parked on the side of a school to try and minimize the possible damage to my car.

There were actually tornado warning that night. It's wierd to say this, but I am fascinated by the sky during tornado watches. It gets really creepy. Sometimes the sky turns green or yellow. I love it.

This time there was some bizarre cloud action going on (no funnel clouds, thank goodness). There was one completely black, oppressive cloud over the entire northern half of the city (think The Nothing from Neverending Story). It cut a dramatic line across the horizon where it ended and sunlight began again. Beyond the dramatic cutout the skies looked like something out of Fantasia. It was bright, with fluffy blue clouds and light pink highlights. I tried to take a picture of it with my phone but it failed miserably.

My drive home was in the no man's land between hell and heaven. It had that tornado-esqu aura of stillness. It felt like night because of all the clouds, but the light that did shine through acted like a spotlight on everything in it's path. I'm not doing a very good job of discovering it, but weather like this has a habit of making things look not-real. It felt like I was in a painting with a single source of light. LOVE IT.

Anyway, there was another hail storm as I was trying to leave work. So, I waited in the office with some of my coworkers and played darts (I, of course, failed miserably). Finally, the tsunami passed and I went home. My lawn was covered in hail, so I took some pictures.

Have a look at my crappy photography! )

In other news, I started Painter of the Wind yesterday and LOVE IT.
I may have gone to see Star Trek twice this weekend. I may have LOVED IT and would totally watch it again if I could. That was just a fun, well-written, well-acted, thoroughly enjoyable movie going experience.

I do still find it a little funny that so many people are freaking out over this movie, when just a short time ago Star Trek was a giant joke. Which, yeah, it was, but the movies (at least the majority of the TOS ones and Generations) were quite good. But this one really toned down the camp factor. But it did it without losing the heart of the original. So many times when things are redone they suck all the fun out of it, and they so didn't this time. It was just a fantastic movie, I can't say enough wonderful things about it. If you haven't seen it, DO. I don't care if you're not a Star Trek fan because you will like this movie. I honestly don't see how anyone couldn't.

The rest of Memorial Day weekend was spent helping my mother garden. So my chest is nice and red (not really sunburnt, just a little toasty). It wasn't too insanely hot which was a bonus, but boy was it a lot of work. Digging and hauling clay, planting, mulching (WHICH I HATE. Lugging around twenty bags of sweaty woodchips is not fun), etc. etc.

I finished ToGetHer as well. It was a little difficult to get through the last couple of episodes after stepping away from the series for a few weeks. Momo and Mars were still adorable, but the majority of the story had been told. They just wrung out a few more pieces of unneccesary drama, so that was a little tiresome. It was Momo's fault, for as strong as she was in the beginning, she got a little wishy-washy. I found it tiresome because it was so obvious how completely in love with her Mars was, she was only trying to fool herself. I think Mars may be one of my favorite drama characters ever. He grew from the entitled, self-absorbed (but HILARIOUS) man-child into a grown-up, caring, responsible and loving young man. It was wonderful. How could you not love him?

Now I am just waiting anxiously for the subs for the last episode of Atashinchi no Danshi to come out (the subbers took a break for the long weekend) and the first episode of Mr. Brain. I think I am going to start Painter of the Wind next, since it got good reviews from several people whose opinions I trust. I also need to finish capping the last episode of Exhibition of Fireworks so I can start watching and doing recaps for Smiling Pasta.

Oh! I also introduced my mother to True Blood (which is a little awkward to watch with your mother, since Jason Stackhouse can't keep it in his pants). It was kind of a vampirey weekend, since we watched the second and third craptacular Underworld movies. Now I'm all anxious for the next season to start. I need my summer tv now!

ETA: Saw a preview for Blood: The Last Vampire which looks AWESOME. It looks like a mixture of Kill Bill, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, AND VAMPIRES. I am very excited.

ETA RETURNS: Totally just spoiled myself for AtaDan ep 7 (which isn't even the one I am waiting to watch) and OMG. Must watch it nooooow. Chisato/Sho FTW.

ETA THRICE: Apparently there is a possible new Buffy movie in the works, with no involvement from Whedon at all. I have my issues with the man, but that may be one of the worst ideas ever.



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