Day 2: Your Favorite Male Lead Character

Jang Taek-gi - The Vineyard Man

To those on my flist who haven't had the pleasure of watching The Vineyard Man, my choice may seem odd. There are a plethora of handsome, charming, funny, sexy, smart male leads dotting the kdrama landscape. And there are certainly many better known dramas out there, especially on Yoon Eun-hye's own resume. But I dare anyone to watch this series and not fall completely in love with Taek-gi.

Oh Man-seok himself isn't traditionally handsome, I'd be the first to admit that, especially with the horrendous haircut he's saddled with in this show. But Taek-gi as a character is so completely winning that by the end I was convinced I'd never seen a more attractive man.

Taek-gi is the country bumpkin (and secretly smarty-pants former scientist) to YEH's Ji-hyun, the spoiled city girl. He's plenty rough around the edges, but more than makes up for it with his loyalty, humor, and unfailing sweetness. He is slow to trust and quick to anger, especially when dealing with Ji-hyun who manages to push ALL his buttons, but once that facade starts to crack... It was hilarious watching him deal with all these ~*~feelings~*~ and nearly heart-stopping having to wait to get resolution on what I thought was a deliciously romantic story for such a silly drama.

UGH. I WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN. Someday. I need to finish my recaps anyway.

TL;DR - I love Taek-gi and wish he was real.

30 Days of Kdramas )
Yesterday, I made a deal with the devil [ profile] dangermousie (along with several others). If I agreed to watch Something Happened in Bali she would watch any drama of my choosing. I hemmed and hawed and eventually jumped in despite the staggering number of dramas I already want to watch and my instinctive nature to stay away from dramas that I know are going to stab me in the gut. But it was too good an opportunity to ignore, because now I can make her watch Vineyard Man which, for all its flaws, I adore a ridiculous amount. The story is hackneyed and the production values are non-existant, but that just makes me love it MORE. I don't think I've ever inhaled a drama like I did Vineyard Man. The love story between Taek Gi and Ji Hyun is simply delightful. It makes my heart go all doki-doki.

ANYWAY, [ profile] dangermousie has stayed away from it because the male lead is less than a super model. This is very true, but Oh Man Suk was able to infuse Taek Gi with so much country charm by the end of the series you want to marry him. He's pretty much my ultimate drama boyfriend. But that begged the question - who would everyone else choose? I know [ profile] darkeyedwolf is partial to Taek Gi herself and [ profile] sailorgaia would choose Oh Dal Gun from Bad Family in a heartbeat, but what about the rest of the flist (that watches dramas, of course)?

To ease my curiosity (and waste some time) I decided to put together the Drama Boyfriends Playoffs (in honor of the upcoming NFL playoffs - GO COLTS!). I'm not sure how I'm going to split everyone up (Jdrama conference? I dunno), but I know I want to use some kind of seeded selection so I need votes!

Comment with your TOP 12 drama boyfriends ranked from favorite to not-quite-as-favorite in the comments. Hopefully that will give me enough overlap to have something to go on.

My Example:

1. Taek Gi (The Vineyard Man)
2. Taro (Utahime) 
3. Han Kyul (Coffee Prince)
4. Mars (ToGetHer) 
5. Woo Wan (Capital Scandal)
6. Hyun Soo (Smile, You)
7. Halu (Pride)
8. Eiji (Bara no nai Hanaya)
9. Dal Gun (Bad Family)
10. Gil Dong (Hong Gil Dong)
11. Buchou (Hotaru no Hikari)
12. Hwal (Triple)

Back to The Vineyard Man goodness! RECAP TIME - Episode three. We left off with Ji Hyun being terrorized by a pig in the middle of the night and Taek Gi finally recognizing her: Quit your bellyachin )

Yoon Eun Hye is Adorable Cap #3
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Things finally get cleared up at the police station, or the detectives just got fed up with the both of them and send them on their way. Either way, everyone and the plot can move on. YAY!

Don't come between a man and his grapes )

Ji Hyun Cap #2
For [ profile] darkeyedwolf because she enjoyed Ji Hyun's utter terror at that ungodly sight.

Another installment of recaps from a random drama that no one has really seen. This time: THE VINEYARD MAN.

I'm going to go ahead and put this out there: Vineyard Man is anything but brilliant. It's your standard rom-com storyline of the city girl sent to the countryside and the farmhand she falls in love with. I'm not spoiling anything here. The production values are low, the plot is weak, and I'll completely understand if you don't care for it. I, however, find it infinitely charming. Yoon Eun Hye and Oh Man Seok are both funny and touching in turn and just have lovely chemistry. They hold this mess together with sheer willpower and charisma. I love it and I hope you do to.

Bear with me for at least the first three episodes. The first two are like the exhaust that pours out of an old engine when you start it up. Let it clear and see if you like it then.

Bathroom antics! )

Vineyard Man Screencap Spotlight #1
(In which I choose a cap from the episode of Yoon Eun Hye being adorable. I can't wait until we get to the vineyard and I can use pics of her in her farming clothes. Suspenders, flowered pants, and pigtails!)


Previously, on Exhibition of Fireworks, people didn't act their age. They acted their shoe size. Click on the EoF tag if you want to know more, I don't want to talk about. The only really important thing is that In Jae FINALLY manned up and told Na Ra that he loved her. 


Let's be like fireworks )

To be honest, the only way I got to force myself to watch this episode again to recap it was because I promised myself I'd do recaps for Vineyard Man. That way, rewatching it won't be a complete waste of time :D
And here is another completely random picspam from Vineyard Man (episode 10 this time!). Hey, the guys play darts during lunch, why can't I do another picspam?

At this point in the story both Taek Gi and Ji Hyun won't admit they like each other. Every single thing they do, however, shows how much they care about each other. It's all incredibly adorable and oblivious at the same time.


I don't want you to go, even though I don't care if you go. REALLY )

ETA: This is possibly the most amazing thing ever created: Hana Yori Dango VS Gossip Girl picspam.
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While putting together that picspam for [ profile] drama_hunt yesterday I ended up going through all of the caps I had initially taken of Vineyard Man (I want to make a mood theme at some point). I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up rewatching parts of the series this weekend during any down time (minus the first two episodes, which are pretty boring. they have some good points but it only really gets good when she gets to the vineyard). There are just so many funny scenes on this show, I thought I would share one with you. It has to be on my journal because the topic doesn't really match any of the tags on [ profile] drama_hunt.


It's fertilizer. )... Hope I didn't gross anyone out too much. XD

LOVED the first two new episodes of Torchwood. The kids really creeped me out, but it's easy to make kids creepy to me (Like "The Empty Child"? FREAKED ME OUT) and Gwen didn't even annoy me that much. Yay!

ETA: Also, a lightning bug attacked me in the shower this morning. I didn't have my glasses on so all I saw was a giant fuzzy black blob flying menacingly over the curtain towards my face. Unappreciated!

So, I guess I am easily frightened of fireflies and children.

wtf lj, wtf

Jul. 7th, 2009 09:12 am
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My journal looks like garbage. It doesn't appear to be loading the css which I know is still up and available, so what is the deal? I don't have time to try and fix this, but checking my friends page this morning was a bummer because it was so ugly.

ETA: And now it's fine. Whatever Livejournal. Be bipolar, I don't care.

If anyone is interested, I recently did two picspams for [ profile] drama_hunt which is just like [ profile] picspammy but for drama cliches. It's fantastic.



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