I came in this morning with every intention of moving all my stuff back to the office. I think that will have to wait.


Why, yes. That IS a giant hole outside of my door.

Triple finale: here be spoilers )
Since I've run out of Triple to watch and had to find something else to entertain myself. I watched the first episode of Desperate Romantics, a new BBC series about the pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. I don't know if I'll watch anymore, because as attractive as Aiden Turner is (MITCHELL)- watching men be complete pigs is one of my least favorite past times. It was funny though... we'll see.

I also watched the 3rd and 4th episode of Painter of the Wind (Hey! Artists again!). This is infinitely more lovely. I also kind of loved the bath/swing scene for how subversive/suggestive it was. random caps of pretty girls and costumes )
Stayed up way past my bedtime last night to catch up on all the subbed episodes of Triple (through episode 10). I really find it hard to believe that after these past two episodes there could possibly be anyone that does not shipt Hwal/Haru. They must not be right in the head.

And with all that happened I really can't see how they are going to end it without Hwal and Haru getting together and still have everyone be happy. They will both be miserable, they've made that clear. And if Hwal goes back to Soo In then Hyun Tae will be miserable (though I still don't really buy his love for her) and somewhere in her mind Soo In does love Hyun Tae and must know that Hwal doen't harbor singularly oppa-like feelings for Haru.

OR MAYBE SOMEONE JUST DIES. Then EVERYONE can be sad. I'm worried drama, I hope you can pull this off.

I'm still a little ansty about the age difference, but it's miniscule. That's mainly due to the fact that Haru is 18 and not 16 like I thought. It's not that I have an issue with the age difference, it's just that 16 sounds so young. But thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sailorgaia and her examples of such age difference from literature I feel a lot better. The one that really got me was Emma because it is so like the situation we have now. Mr. Knightley was 16 when Emma was born and practically raised her. Of course, Emma was a brat and though many people are calling Haru a brat I just can't bring myself to agree. I thought she handled the whole situation quite well, she was being honest with her feelings and I think that's admirable.

ANYWAY, after making peace I remembered that Emma was the story on which Clueless was based, which was my example of how former step-siblings falling in love can be awesome. It all came full circle! Everything is connected #_#

I ended up staying up later than I wanted because I watched the President's press conference and LEVERAGE episode 2. Any episode that gives me that much shirtless Eliot is OK in my book. The hick jokes got a little tiresome. I'm pretty sure they have more than chicken-fried steak and pork rinds in Nebraska (though I loved Sophie's line about chicken not being a verb). The Leverage team has been in the Midwest before, what the hell do they have against Nebraska?

I saw the twist at the end coming, because doesn't Leverage ALWAYS have a twist? But it was still fun, just like it ALWAYS is.

Plus, I kind of love the fact that Eliot is teaching Parker to fight. That's hilarious and fantastic all at the same time. And how adorable was her chokehold on Hardison? :D

Also, the 's' key on my keyboard is sticking and driving me insane because I'm typing and no s's show up unless I'm paying strict attention to pushing the key HARD.
Watched Triple episodes 3-6 last night. And just like I figured I'm totally sold on Hwal. Vague Spoilery type talk perhaps? )

More of my armoire because I love and am obsessed with it )
I watched the first two episodes of Triple last night. And I loved it. DAMMIT.

I promised myself I would start this until I knew how it ended on account of the whole Haru/Hwal thing. They've been successfully sold to me as the OTP from nearly everyone who has watched it, but it has also been promised by the screenwriter that they won't 'go there' on accoun of the former step-siblings thing. To which I say BAH. Have you not seen Clueless? Speaking of which, I should watch that again. That movie is hilarious.

I may love nearly all of the characters. Haru is my favorite at the moment because she is fun, determined, and ADORABLE. I so want her to succeed beyond her wildest dreams then cuddle with her like Hyun Tae wanted to. Coming in at a close second is Hae Yoon who just seems like a genuinely nice guy and a cool person to hang out with. How could you not want him to be your friend? I love that he sticks up for Haru even though he doesn't know her at all. But then, who can really resist her?

Hyun Tae is a cutie, and I already kind of loved Yoon Kye Sang since I watched Who Are You?, so this is just solidifying that love. He's just a happy-go-lucky individual... I'm really not looking forward to him getting his stalker on.

I didn't mind Hwal at all in the beginning, but then he was mean to Haru and my opinion of him immediately dropped. I know this entire series is going to be about him opening up and becoming human again, so I'm sure my opinion will change. But at the moment I don't think that highly of him. Sang Hee is an interesting character, and adds a new dimension, but I can take her or leave her. Soo In... is not a favorite. Especially since she is using Haru to get close to Hwal. Not cool, lady. Not cool.

This week's episode of True Blood was a disappointment. Spoilers for 2x05 )



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