1. I hate printers. I have a daily sparring match with the one in my office. I think it forgets how to be a printer every night.

2. I hope all my fellow Americans had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did, except for the getting stuck in Chicago traffic for three hours. But, I was hitting the city at rush hour Wednesday night, so I really only have myself to blame. My sister and I used our down time to make a list of all the different state license plates we saw (28 + Ontario) and attempted to find a decent radio station. We did, however, learn (to her horror) that there is such a thing as flying snakes.

Random story regarding my extended family. Apparently two of my uncles aren't speaking to each other after an event that occurred back during the summer. We had a cookout for my Grandparent's anniversary (and because my grandpa suffers from ever progressing dementia). The uncle who hosted the event has a dog, a pit bull, named Rufus, who is just a complete sweetheart. A second uncle asked if it would be OK to bring his dog, Walker, a labradoodle, a curly-haired, adorable, idiot, over. Uncle #1 OKed it, but said they would have to keep an eye on him. And they did. As long as Walker was on his leash, he and Rufus got along great. It was only when Walker was off his leash that he got a little over-excited. Note, we're talking about the labradoodle, not the pit bull here. But on a whole they got along pretty well.

Well, one of my cousins, daughter of Uncle #3, who is a complete princess, but I'm not going to get into that here, decided she'd go get her dog and bring him over. Her dog, Yogi, is a French Bulldog. So, quite a bit smaller than the other two. Well, the second she set him down, Yogi goes after Rufus. Rufus, understandably so, I think, bites Yogi. He drew blood, but Yogi is fine. My family had left by this point, so everything I know is second hand. But apparently there was much yelling and Uncle #3 blaming Uncle #1 aaaaand... now they aren't speaking.

This just supports my belief that we may graduate from high school, but we never leave it behind.

3. Saw Deathly Hallows and looooooooved it. I've only read the book once (when it first came out), so I feel a great desire to read it again now. Though, I think this may be the first time that I like a movie version better than the book. It may even unseat PoA as my favorite HP movie. The only downside is that it's so serious, it doesn't lend itself well to multiple viewings.

It's a beautiful film and I loved everything about it. I also cried like a freaking baby at Hedwig and Dobby's deaths, just like I did when reading the book. So, obviously afterwards I had to go watch this:

Go here for the better quality version (with captions!) that I couldn't embed.

4. Another year of NaNo fail. I was moving along pretty well for the first half of the month. Then I got occupied by other things and generally lost heart with the story. I need to do some more research so I can get more comfortable with my story. I should also probably decide on the rules for the universe I'm creating. :/

5. What is everyone watching right now?

My Can't Miss TV Schedule includes Community, The Vampire Diaries, and The Walking Dead. I'm going to attempt to pick up Jyuui Dolittle. Maybe I can get through the first episode this time? Secret Garden also looks promising. At some point I need to go ahead and watch the Liar Game and Nodame Cantabile movies. Crap! I need to watch Unubore Deka as well.

Better hurry up so I can include these in my year-end drama countdown!


Nov. 9th, 2010 08:49 am
I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping up with NaNo for a whole week. I missed a few evenings due to work/play/laziness but made up for it and was back on track last night.

The key is to just not do anything else. Even when I really do not want to write, I sit down and make myself do it. The idea that I'll just have to make the word count up later is a great motivator. I truly wish I'd taken the time to sketch out an outline before I started, because I only have a very vague idea of what my plot actually is. I know I could go ahead and do that now, but then that's writing without any of it counting towards my total words and I can't have that.

My main issue at this point in the main character. Her characterization is all over the place and it's is practically killing me to not go back and edit. I have an idea of what I want her to be in my head: easily annoyed but also quite flighty. And on paper she's just coming off as a snob, not simply disinterested. I want her to be funny, but with an edge and it's totally not working. I'm frustrated and as a result getting more invested in secondary characters... which isn't helpful.

It's not helping that I'm also reading Catching Fire which, while it's not as good as The Hunger Games I still love it. It's making me very anxious about my own writing.

ETA: Forgot to mention my knitting debacle! So, I'm not a knitter. I prefer crocheting (not that I do that much of it), but recently I picked up a pattern for a knit hat. It's a very loose beret and I thought it was adorable. It was marked as "easy" so I thought: SCORE. I'd only attempted knitting once before, but the double needle thing was tricky for me. So, I had to reacquaint myself with casting off and the stitches (thanks youtube!) and was on my way.

The first issue came when my cats got into the yarn. I woke up Saturday morning to the entire ball of yarn unwound and knotted throughout my entire living and dining room area. We're talking around multiple table legs on multiple tables. They couldn't have done this with the cheap yarn I picked up for practice, no, it had to be the fancy stuff. UGH. CATS.

Then I totally failed on stockinette stitch. I read that it was one row of knit and one row of purl. Okay, I thought, simple enough. So I was doing that and... it did not look right. I thought maybe I got my stitches turned around or something, so I kept going, but it didn't look anything like the picture. Then I realized that you're supposed to turn the piece when you do the purl side, only I was working on circular needles, so how the hell was I supposed to do that? Then I searched youtube and realized when you're working in the round you just keep using the knit stitch. You don't have to worry about purl stitching at all. Awesome. I'd just wasted hours and had to rip everything out.

This hat better be AMAZING when I'm done.

ETA THE SECOND: Who out there has an ebook reader? I'm starting to think I'd... really really like one. I've poopoo-ed (NO idea how to spell that) reading on the computer for so long, because I love actually holding a book in my hands. But the idea of carrying around a whole library also really appeals to me. I've browsed around a bit, but I'm wondering if anyone on my flist has a preference. I'm leaning towards the Nook over the Kindle because I'd be able to put library books on the Nook. You have to strip the DRM off of them in order to put them on the Kindle, which sounds like kind of an (illegal) hassle. THOUGHTS, PLEASE.

It's begun

Nov. 2nd, 2010 12:04 pm
OKAY, so I didn't get the suggested 1,667 words on the first day, BUT I DID START. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to between work and football, but I did! Yay! I like getting off on the right foot.

Finished the last 20 or so minutes of The Walking Dead and... the horsie! D: I knew it had to happen but that didn't keep me from being completely horrified. Zombies really aren't my thing, Shaun of the Dead is the only zombie movie I've ever actually seen. The endless gore just really doesn't appeal to me, but I have high hopes for this show. We'll see if my stomach holds up.
Guys? I am so. old. It's not often that I over indulge in the alcohol department these days, but this weekend was an exception. One of my sorority sisters got married and while I had an awesome time, I'm still paying for it. It was great to catch up girls I haven't seen in nearly five years. Everyone is great, off being lawyers and psychologists and mothers and other wonderful things. We're all very grown up and respectable ...and then the music starts and we're all back in college.

The only downside was the six hour car trip back home. Hungover. I had zero patience for fools.

OH! And then I watched The Walking Dead last night, loved it, AND THEN TURNED IT OFF BEFORE IT WAS OVER. I had no idea it was an hour and a half episode. It got to be 11 and I thought I missed the ending credits so I turned the tv off. WTH, me? So now I gotta go find it so I can finish the episode.

Colts play the Texans tonight and I am very concerned. I'm not even going to talk about it beyond hoping that we'll have enough players left after all the injuries and drunken canal-swimming shenanigans that occurred in the past couple of weeks.



Oct. 20th, 2010 02:01 pm
Finished NatsuNiji last night and it was just lovely. There have been so many feel-good dramas recently. But where My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was pretty much centered around my love of Mi-Ho, NatsuNiji featured a cast of characters where I adored every single person from too-earnest Taiga and sad but strong Shiori to adorable Umi and snarky Sakura. Though maybe the winner of my affections was Taiga's brother. When he first entered the scene I was thinking he'd be the reasonable one in a wacky family and I couldn't have been more wrong. Every scene he was in was my favorite.

So, if you're just looking for a sweet love story filled with lovely people, check it out.

I need for the subs for Hotaru no Hikari 2 to come out so I can have my slate wiped clean for November. Despite several dramas I really want to check out, I'm going to make a real effort not to start anything. Starting something will just mean I want to watch more of it and that means I won't be working on my NaNo. Playful Kiss will wrap up this week and that'll just leave Joseon X-Files as the only drama I'll be keeping up with. The exception here is if subs EVER come out for Gold.

Speaking of NaNo... could anyone explain to me why I've decided to write a Regency/Fantasy story when I know NOTHING about the Regency period beyond a few Austen and romance novels? I think I'm setting myself up for failure here. SHOULD BE FUN :/
I'm amazed at how much I'm enjoying Playful Kiss, especially considering I really had no desire to check it out in the beginning. But now I'm super invested. One complaint:

What was going on with the editing in episode 11? I never thought of PK as a drama that would make me question reality.

Also: I need for all the jdramas I'm watching to hurry up and get their subs by the end of the month. I will not be distracted from NaNo, dammit!

ETA: Female Character Flowchart - I figure most everyone has already seen this, but I thought I'd link it just in case. Funny how it seems pretty much every female character is a stereotype/trope/poorly written. Hilarious, really. It reminds me of an essay I read about the term "Mary-Sue" and how we need to stop using it. I wish I could find the link, because I'm really not going to be any good at giving the topic justice. Basically, it just serves to undermine female authors.

ETA Dos: Apparently I can't find the link because it's been locked, which is sad because I think everyone should read it. But [livejournal.com profile] darkeyedwolf found a snippet of it over at Fanlore. Here's a short quote that I think represents the argument well:

Writing "Mary Sues" is empowering. Writing them being awesome is empowering. Calling Mary Sue, and contributing to an environment such as the above, which encourages the denigration of female awesomeness in fiction, which encourages the bullying and harassment of participants in female awesome, is participating in that culture.

Calling "Mary Sue" in this environment is shaming women for empowering themselves.
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I think I'm going ahead and drop out of Nano. I broke 30k words, but it's just so infinitely frustrating for me. The plan was to have an outline before November, but that never happened and now I'm paying the price. If I'm not enjoying the writing process at all, what's the point? Plus, with the holiday weekend coming up, there is no way I'm going to get this done.

I'm bummed, but glad I was able to get anything down. After such a long dry spell it was good to be writing again. Those writing muscles still need to be stretched a bit more, but I'm enthusiastic about the future.

Smile, You got extended by 16 episodes, giving it a whopping total of 46. UGH. I've been enjoying it for the most part. Jung-In and Hyun-Soo are by far and away the best thing about it, but Sung-Joon and Ji-Soo are a pretty awesome maybe secondary couple. The parent drama is boring and Jung-In's father is pretty much unbearable. I thought the plot was moving along at a nice pace for 30 episodes. I'm concerned about the extension. We'll see.

Sometime this weekend I'm going to go see New Moon with [livejournal.com profile] sailorgaia, [livejournal.com profile] flutegirl, and possibly some others... and hopefully not get kicked out of the theater for laughing non-stop.
Current NaNo word count:

21294 / 50000 words. 43% done!

So I made some awesome progress on my NaNo novel, and now I'm stuck. I kind of hate my story. I know that you're just supposed to keep writing, but I'm lost. I never really had a full plot figured out in my head, just a few scenes floating around. Those are written now and I feel kind of screwed.

I think part of my problem is the tone of the story. It's very serious. I don't really do serious. I've written a few things that can be classified as straight-up drama, but I feel far more comfortable in the world of comedy. When I started this, I think I fancied myself capable of keeping on my serious hat for the extent of it. That's not possible. I enjoy reading and watching drama, but I just don't think I have the chops to write a legitimate dramatic novel.

There can be dramatic moments, but I'm much more comfortable with characters cracking wise. That may mean I'm limited as a writer, but I do like to think I can do comedy fairly well. I think I just need to work on finding that happy balance where there is enough drama to make the story matter, but not enough that I just feel stuck in the mud.

All my characters have the capacity to be in a story with a different tone. There are just some plot elements that need to be modified. That's not going to happen now. You never ERASE when it comes to NaNo. I'll just have to bust myself out of this funk.

It would also help if I had a plot. =_=
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My Nano month is off to a very disappointing start given that I haven't written ANYTHING. Not great. Work has been keeping me busy the last three days and when I get home all I want to do is lie down. So I do, because I'm super lazy.

I'm almost down with Return of Iljimae and while I still enjoy it for the most part I really hate what has happened to Wol Hee's character. What I thought was supposed to be a strong, independent young woman has turned out to be incapable of doing anything except moan about Iljimae abandoning her. Whatever.

Soo Ryun, the police woman, is way cooler. Plus, I think her actress is gorgeous. I remember her as Chae-Gyung's teacher in Goong and she was cool then. She is completely kickass in RoI. This is a woman who knows how to deal with her grief productively (...kind of XD). Speaking of which (spoilers for episodes 22 and 23): DAMN the body count exploded in these episodes!.

Also, V was pretty good (and kind of a Firefly reunion. I had no idea Alan Tudyk was going to be in it! That was an awesome suprise. Though it shows how little attention I pay to things). I'm excited to see what happens next week.

And now, a meme (as assigned by [livejournal.com profile] sodahands):

Leave me a comment saying "Resistance is Futile."
  • I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity

  • Update your journal with the answers to the questions

  • Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions

1. Favourite ice cream flavour? Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Other brands of mint chocolate chip I can take or leave, but if it's Breyers you can count me in. The texture of the ice cream is better, the mint is fresher, and the chocolate chips are bigger. YUM. Damn, now I want some ice cream.
2. Favourite sports team? Indianapolis Colts. Besides NFL football, I really don't follow sports that much. My college was tiny, so sports wasn't a big deal there thus I don't have any collegiate affiliation to any team. I think baseball is dullsville and I just never got into basketball (or soccer for that matter). But I do enjoy football, especially if it means watching a game with family and friends.
3. Best use of chocolate? Umm... EVERY USE? Seriously, I love me some chocolate. Some excellent examples are my dad's chocolate chip cookies, Texas Sheet Cake, and Fannie May trinidads. NOW I WANT CHOCOLATE.
4. Favourite band from the '90s? This is hard for me, because I've never really paid very close attention to music. I just could never get as invested in it as other people seemed to. I never bought music when I was younger, I'd just listen to whatever was on the radio. To this day I still rarely buy music. But, I guess I'll go with Barenaked Ladies... though I haven't bought an album of theirs since "Maroon"
5. Favourite Asian movie? For all the dramas I watch, I really don't watch a lot of Asian movies besides Miyazaki films. I think it is a toss up between Princess Mononoke and Spirited away. Live action wise, I guess I'll go with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon since that's the only one I can really remember right now.


Oct. 30th, 2009 12:28 pm
Autumn is my favorite season. Too bad it only lasts for about three weeks. It's raining pretty hard today, which makes me sad. While I love summer thunderstorms, rain in October just means the pretty leaves get knocked off the trees. And I have a yard this year, so I have to rake.

I signed up for NaNo again this year (my username is D. Coyle if anyone wants to buddy me, I'm not sure if anyone else is participating). I made a good dent in the word count last year, but got disillusioned pretty early on. There were plenty of things to distract me. I hope to rap up Karei Naru Spy and Return of Iljimae this weekend so I won't have any desire to sneak peeks at them instead of writing. The only other two dramas I'm watching are You're Beautiful and Smile, You. That's roughly four hours a week I'll give to drama watching. I may put a pause on my normal tv viewing. I haven't been that enamored of Glee recently, so I'm not that concerned. I can always play catch up with FlashForward and Vampire Diaries in December when nothing is on tv anyway.

OH! I watched the pilot for the new USA show White Collar and it was pretty entertaining. I'm not ready to write it off as fantastic yet, because it was a little uneven, but it has the capacity to be a solid hour of entertainment. At some point I need to sit down and watch all the episodes of Psych. Sometimes I'll randomly watch it if I see it on, but that's it. Anyway, if you like Psych you should probably check out White Collar. Plus, it has Matthew Bomer who is so incredibly pretty (I'm such a sucker for blue eyes and dark hair) and dresses like a Rat Packer.

So, I kept ignoring the emails from Geocities about how they were shutting down. I kept saying I'd get around to moving my stuff (I hosted my lj css file over there) but I never did. So now I have some default layout up while I shop around for something I like. So many layout are so ugly...



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