I did a project this weekend! It involved a miter box!

that's a non-slip rug pad to keep the miter box from moving while we saw

Be impressed... )
I hope all my fellow Christmas celebraters enjoyed their festivities. I know I did! And I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekends!

It's done snowing for the season now, right?

Finally I can post some pictures of my recent adventures in the world of knitting. They were Christmas gifts (minus the green hat), so I had to keep it on the DL. photographic evidence )

Next up is learning how to cable. I'm scared!

Finally managed to finish Hotaru no Hikari 2 and I pretty much don't have any feelings about it. For as much as I loved the first season, I have a distinct lack of any reaction for the second. It's not even that I disliked it or was bored. It was cute, there just didn't seem to be any point to it. We got eleven new episodes and what had changed? Hotaru didn't actually change at all until the last 15 minutes when she decided to start vacuuming. So, I ask you, what was the point?

ETA: LOVED the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I thought it was lovely and Matt Smith was excellent. I'm pretty psyched for the new season, which is great. Because, while I enjoyed the last one fine, I wasn't blown away by it by any means.


Nov. 9th, 2010 08:49 am
I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping up with NaNo for a whole week. I missed a few evenings due to work/play/laziness but made up for it and was back on track last night.

The key is to just not do anything else. Even when I really do not want to write, I sit down and make myself do it. The idea that I'll just have to make the word count up later is a great motivator. I truly wish I'd taken the time to sketch out an outline before I started, because I only have a very vague idea of what my plot actually is. I know I could go ahead and do that now, but then that's writing without any of it counting towards my total words and I can't have that.

My main issue at this point in the main character. Her characterization is all over the place and it's is practically killing me to not go back and edit. I have an idea of what I want her to be in my head: easily annoyed but also quite flighty. And on paper she's just coming off as a snob, not simply disinterested. I want her to be funny, but with an edge and it's totally not working. I'm frustrated and as a result getting more invested in secondary characters... which isn't helpful.

It's not helping that I'm also reading Catching Fire which, while it's not as good as The Hunger Games I still love it. It's making me very anxious about my own writing.

ETA: Forgot to mention my knitting debacle! So, I'm not a knitter. I prefer crocheting (not that I do that much of it), but recently I picked up a pattern for a knit hat. It's a very loose beret and I thought it was adorable. It was marked as "easy" so I thought: SCORE. I'd only attempted knitting once before, but the double needle thing was tricky for me. So, I had to reacquaint myself with casting off and the stitches (thanks youtube!) and was on my way.

The first issue came when my cats got into the yarn. I woke up Saturday morning to the entire ball of yarn unwound and knotted throughout my entire living and dining room area. We're talking around multiple table legs on multiple tables. They couldn't have done this with the cheap yarn I picked up for practice, no, it had to be the fancy stuff. UGH. CATS.

Then I totally failed on stockinette stitch. I read that it was one row of knit and one row of purl. Okay, I thought, simple enough. So I was doing that and... it did not look right. I thought maybe I got my stitches turned around or something, so I kept going, but it didn't look anything like the picture. Then I realized that you're supposed to turn the piece when you do the purl side, only I was working on circular needles, so how the hell was I supposed to do that? Then I searched youtube and realized when you're working in the round you just keep using the knit stitch. You don't have to worry about purl stitching at all. Awesome. I'd just wasted hours and had to rip everything out.

This hat better be AMAZING when I'm done.

ETA THE SECOND: Who out there has an ebook reader? I'm starting to think I'd... really really like one. I've poopoo-ed (NO idea how to spell that) reading on the computer for so long, because I love actually holding a book in my hands. But the idea of carrying around a whole library also really appeals to me. I've browsed around a bit, but I'm wondering if anyone on my flist has a preference. I'm leaning towards the Nook over the Kindle because I'd be able to put library books on the Nook. You have to strip the DRM off of them in order to put them on the Kindle, which sounds like kind of an (illegal) hassle. THOUGHTS, PLEASE.
Things have been going a little non-stop at work. I wanted to make this post on Monday, but that... didn't happen. So here I am! Pieced this sucker together throughout the day. My eyes kind of ache and all I want to do is some loooong distance looking, since I'm sick to death of staring at a computer screen, but I need to get this post up. DEDICATION, PEOPLE. Recognize.


Randomly decided a couple weekends ago to refurbish my dining room table. This wasn't exactly the wisest move since I had a really tight budget for the month (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, CAR), but I did it anyway. Because who am I to kowtow to reality? I laugh in it's face. Besides, I was bored of looking at this: BEFORE! )

It was just a cheap dining room set that was actually found on the curb. The two red chairs I got from a family friend since it originally only had three chairs. I removed the legs, which was a lot easier than I thought. I was worried it was going to be super complicated, but it was just two bolts that were easily undone. Then I sanded all the pieces and primed the legs, sides of the table, and all five chairs.

TIP: Don't get quick-drying primer. It leaves all kinds of crazy brushmarks. I wasn't too concerned for this project though, since it's nothing fancy, but this is information I will hold for future reference.

Then I primed the top of the table. I used the same color stain as I did for the armoire I refinished, but it looks a LOT darker. I couldn't quite figure out what the table was actually made out of. I thought it was wood, but now think it might just be MDF with a veneer? It's not that heavy though. Anyway, it didn't want to take the stain at all. So I had to just let it sit on there and dry. When I've stained stuff before it soaks it right up. But this took for-ev-er. But it eventually dried. I don't even know how many coats I put on until it looked even. Then I put on three coats of satin polyurethane. I didn't want it to be super shiny, especially because it ended up coming out pretty much black. That's not exactly my style, but it looks really good against the aqua blue I put on the legs. That was just a little quart of paint my sister had left over from painting her room.

I ended up using the pale yellow I bought for my kitchen on the chairs. I love the way the table turned out, but I'm not convinced I like how the chair color looks. Maybe I just need a better rug to pull the look together? Anyway: the finished project ladies and gentleman: AFTER! )

The desk covered in junk and kitty litter bag probably aren't helping the look. OH WELL.

I also made a monkey: MONKEY! )

It's for the boy my cousin had a couple weeks ago. I have several other new babies to make gifts for. I'm making a lion next and I think I need to switch to a smaller weight yarn because it's HUGE. It might eat the baby, is what I'm saying.

On to entertainment yammering...

Not really thrilled with this week's Mad Men. I think it's because the last couple of episodes have been pretty fantastic. This one just felt blah. Good, but not GREAT. I want to like Faye, but she hasn't really clicked with me yet. But I was thrilled when she refused to break client-confidentiality for Don. Then she went and backed down :( As least it made Don feel guilty for SLEEPING WITH HIS SECRETARY, AGAIN. BECAUSE IT ENDED SO WELL THE LAST TIME OH MY GOD.

Read The Hunger Games. Loved The Hunger Games. Need the next book in the series, WHY MUST THE HOLD LIST BE SO LONG?! D: Katniss was a fantastic heroine. I loved her. I loved how exciting and emotional this book was. I cried like a baby when Rue died. Full on sobbing. The only downside is that I'm trying to come up with something to write for NaNo and I've got nothing. I wish I had the creative powers displayed by Suzanne Collins. *jealous*

Finished My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and enjoyed it overall. By far the best thing about it was Mi-ho. It reminded me a lot of Fantasy Couple in that respect. I loved Anna, but could take or leave the rest. There were things I both liked and disliked about the finale. Mi-ho and Dae-woong's final day together was beautifully done. I teared up when they kept trying to find something to do and being thwarted. I thought the resolution was a major cop out though. I don't ask for much, but I do ask for no deus ex machina. If they were going to have the Samshin grandmother come in and help fix everything, they least they could have done was introduced her earlier. Random, but I loved how Hye-in was all "eff you people, I'm sick of this nonsense" by the end XD
The time has come for me to get a new bedroom rug. The one that is currently in there is pretty old and worn out. Besides, the lavender flowers don't really match the look I'm going for now. So that means rug shopping! Too bad everything is ugly and expensive!

I'm pretty much in love with all the rugs at Anthropologie, though a lot of them have too bold of color schemes for my bedroom. Plus, unless I want a tiny little 2'x3' rug I'm out of luck there. But look how pretty!

This one is currently at the top of my list of rugs I might actually be able to swing - Chrysanthemum Rug (westelm). Birthday monies will go into a rug slush fund.

I'd also like to get a smaller rug for in between the two beds. There are two cute ones pretty cheap at Urban Outfitters

That first one would probably fall apart pretty quickly, since chenille isn't exactly known for it's resilience. I like the second one better anyhow.
This post is kind of all over the place. Please bear with me.


Earl and Zuzu say 'hi' )

ETA: The first Colts preseason football game was this weekend. REAL FOOTBALL IS SO CLOSE I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT. :9

Find out what it is! )

Finally picked Coffee House back up and am through ep 10. I'm liking it more than I did the first go around. It was fine before, but I think there was too much Seung Yeon. She still does that same shuffling around like a three year old that DRIVES ME UP A WALL, but Eun Young is so amazing it doesn't really matter.
I was super productive this past weekend. I got both my kitchen and bedroom painted, which is something I've been wanting to do since I moved in. The kitchen is now two shades of yellow, darker below the chair rail and lighter above. It's very cheerful now and makes me happy whenever I go into the room. The counters are still a hideous green and I still only have two square feet of counter space, but at least it's cute now. The bedroom in grey and thankfully now as dark as I was worried it might turn out. If anything it's lighter because the satin sheen of the paint reflects light a lot more than the flat white did. It's very peaceful and now I need to get some art on the walls. And maybe get a green lampshade? WHO KNOWS.

Thankfully it wasn't insanely hot. I don't have air conditioning, so that was a major concern. It wasn't exactly pleasant, but no one passed out.

I also finally managed to finished Prosecutor Princess which has just been sitting on my hard drive for what seems like forever. I just couldn't seem to muster up any interest in it. I didn't think they did a very good job of making the mystery interesting. At least with Ryusei no Kizuna the build-up was pretty good, even if I thought the payoff was kind of lame. Here, I just wanted it to end so Hye Ri could be happy already. The last 20 minutes with Hye Ri copying everything In Woo had said to her from the beginning was adorable though. I wish they had played with her photographic memory more.

I also watched the finale of Tsuki no Koibito... ugh. I got the ending I wanted, but the journey there was just so pointless. I think the disconnect came from not really knowing who Rensuke was. All we were ever introduced to was the cold-hearted executive. I wanted him to fail because he was a dick. It's hard when that is one half of the love equation. I wish Xiu Mei had stuck to her revenge plan, because I didn't buy her truly falling for Rensuke, unless she really was a moron. And what was Kazami's deal? He just wanted to win for the sake of winning?... ok?

Yuzu kind of broke my heart in the end. I think I might had liked her characterization the most. She was a strong, sometimes prickly girl but still had this capacity for love that was just so misdirected. I loved when she clapped for Rensuke before his presentation. It was too cute. Of course, I just think Kitagawa Keiko is adorable beyond words.

I hope this upcoming jdrama season won't be such a bitter disappointment (still waiting for subs on the last ep of the twitter drama... yeah... I'm sticking it out until the end with that one too).

ETA: Roy was wearing this Dinosaur Comics t-shirt on this week's episode of The IT Crowd. LOL
My uncle called me Friday night to ask if I'd watch my little cousins on Saturday so he and my aunt could go to the oldest's little league playoff game. At 8:30 am.

Ah ha ha XD. Yeah, I passed on that opportunity.

Instead, I slept. Then I woke up (around 8:30 actually) and cleaned (I'm not completely lazy, but 4 cousins under the age of 9 on Saturday morning was just too much).

I also decided I wanted to put a few more coats of stain on the coffee table I refinished about two years ago. I always meant to do it, but never got around to it. Of course, we had a giant thunderstorm on Sunday, so I had to bring it inside. My cats were immediately interested in it and got their dirty little paws all over it. Now it needs ANOTHER coat. But it does look nicer. The color is richer and I'm very happy.

The tomato plants I started from seeds and transplanted out into my yard a couple weeks ago are still alive! (A majority of them!) The brussel sprouts and lettuce bit the dust, but I kind of figured that. They were WEAK. I'm glad it's been raining pretty steadily since I planted the tomatoes. Not having a hose makes it really time consuming to water plants.

I'm pretty excited about my tv line-up tonight: Doctor Who and True Blood. I've managed to stay away from spoilers for the finale, but the mummerings seem to be pretty positive. Overall I've been pretty disappointed with this season. Granted, I like the Doctor and I like Amy, but the episodes have been less than spectacular. I expected more from Moffat, since he was responsible for my favorite DW episodes ever: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.

Only two episodes of True Blood have aired, and it's driving me crazy because I wish I had a new episode every night. It's just been so completely on, I don't even know how to describe it. Bill has been fantastic (I agree with a lot of people that both him and Sookie are far more interesting when they are separated). Same with Jason and Jessica (and Pam! :D). However, I'm not completely sold on Eric/Sookie. Maybe I've just been underwhelmed by him? The fans of the books are so crazy for him, I think it may have put me off. He's interesting to a degree, but I still don't completely understand the hype.

Also, more nekkid werewolf please. DAMN.

This weekend I also finally got around to watching Alice in Wonderland. What a complete disappointment. I'm glad I never shelled out the money to see it in IMAX like I originally planned. Tim Burton has made some wonderful movies (Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish are some favorites), but this just seemed so entirely devoid of the imagination and darker whimsy that I had expected. I mean, it's Alice in Wonderland, how can you make it BORING?

It's hardly a matter of it being a reimagining of the source material. There are plenty of adaptations and remakes that are wonderful (Clueless, anyone? Even Burton's own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was fun and interesting. To me, at least, I know a lot of people didn't care for it. Oh! I forgot about SyFy's recent "Alice" which was far from excellent but was at least engaging.).

But, Alice in Wonderland? I had to force myself to finish it. I just didn't care what happened to anyone. Alice hardly seemed a real person, she was just an entity that moved from one scene to another. I think Anne Hathaway's quirky White Queen was the only character I found remotely interesting.

I think the overwhelming presence of the CG world didn't help matters. Nothing seemed real, or tangible. It didn't even look like a dream. It just looked fake and I didn't care.

Also, did it seem like everyone was mumbling the entire time? I seriously couldn't understand half of what was being said and it drove me insane.

I haven't seen the Disney cartoon since I was very, very young, but I feel like I should watch it now. I also should find a copy of the 1985 TV version because I love it in all its campiness. I should also probably read the actual book one of these days (I don't think the play version I was in counts). :DV
Finished episode 8 of Prosecutor Princess and things are starting to heat up. Hye Ri is finally getting suspicious about how freaking suspicious In Woo is. I also appreciate that her co-workers have stopped being complete assholes 24/7 and just reserve it for special occasions.

Regardless of all that, I just wanted to share one screencap I took of Hye Ri's apartment. The color scheme isn't quite right, as I plan to go with more of yellow-yellow in my bedroom (with grey walls and apple green accents), but I loved the look of the giant flower and splash of color on the wall. I want to do something like this:

I didn't like it when Yahoo announced that they were going to delete all of the Geocities pages last year. It felt like burning down a library: a library full of obnoxious tiled backgrounds, midis, and animated gifs, but a library none the less. Every page that sat on those servers represented the birth of the internet into the mainstream. It's not like we lost the tool with which to use the pages, everyone could still visit those pages using today's internet browsers. It's not like finding a 5 1/2 inch floppy and not having the Apple II on which to read it.

I thought it was terribly cold-hearted that they decided to erase all that history, even if it was abandoned. It made me sad.

But, it didn't make me annoyed until I randomly tried to find an old Fushigi Yuugi fanfic this weekend. It seemed to have vanished from the internet, it's disappearance no doubt assisted by the Geocities massacre. That is what people used back in '98 after all.

It made me very upset that I couldn't find it. I used to read fanfiction quite a bit, but nothing ever stuck with me the way this story did (besides random snippets of X-Files fanfiction my friend and I would read to each other when we were younger), which is kind of awful to say because it's totally a Mary Sue story written for one of the FY Big Name Fans. But, nevertheless, I had to find it.

I get obsessive about the oddest things. For whatever reason it became VITAL that I find it. I don't know why it was so important, maybe just the fact that I couldn't accept that the internet would fail me. But, it seemed like every link I came across was dead. This was before fanfiction.net really took off so it wasn't there. And even the old FY fic yahoo group had disappeared. I was beginning to lose hope and started grasping at straws by sending emails to what I knew were defunct emails (who uses juno anymore?). Until there was a breakthrough. I was just searching for the authors name and saw it mentioned in reference to another one of her fics. Mind you, I hadn't found any working links for ANYTHING by her so I didn't have much hope.

But, it was a link to an archived webpage. If you went to the site itself, it was gone, but there was still an archived version. It was an entire library of Fushigi Yuugi fics AND IT WAS THERE. I immediately saved it to my computer so I wouldn't have to go through that nonsense again.

Back to real life

I'm going to be painting my (tiny) kitchen and bedroom. I'm fairly certain I will be painting the (ridiculous small) kitchen the same apple green as the dining room. I love that color and I think it will look great against the dark wood and white cabinets in the (you won't believe how miniscule it is) kitchen. The question that remains is whether I'll paint all of the wall or just above or below the chair rail.

My bedroom is what I am really excited about. Recently I refinished a small dresser I found on craigslist and painted it canary yellow. It's so adorable. I kept meaning to do a post about it, but the pictures are just sitting on my camera at the moment. Having made that color choice, the rest of the room would have to work around it. I think I've decided on the color scheme of yellow, gray, and green. Have a look at some pictures (trolling design websites is my new hobby) to see just how pretty it is:

More photos... )

I want to paint my walls gray and find a new duvet cover for my comforter. Currently it is sage green, which is pretty, but I want a more vibrant green. What I really would like is a white fabric with a bright green print. But that is proving difficult to find. And besides, duvet covers are CRAZY expensive for what amount to two sheet sewn together and some buttonholes. So, I think I'm going to make my own. But that means I still have to find sheets. The closest I've come across are there, but they aren't quite right.

Sometimes I read:

I recently finished Eon: Dragoneye Reborn and really enjoyed it. I kind of adored Eon because she seemed like such a real girl, full of doubts, pride, and amazing inner strength. She may not be the nicest person, but her life never allowed for it. And the Asian-influenced world was pretty awesome. My only quibble is that the entire book was kind of a slow burn when it came to conflict. No highs or lows to speak of, but I am anticipating the second book. I can't wait to see what happens.

I also started Graceling which gives us another excellent heroine in Katsa. Only, where Eon was forced to be withdrawn by her circumstances Katsa is up to her eyeballs in hands-on everything. Plus, Po is a cutie.
I was at my parents' house this weekend, and besides getting my ass handed to me in Guitar Hero by my sisters I spent the weekend helping my mom refurbish a used couch she picked up off of craigslist. Personally, used couches disturb me a little bit. The only reason I own a used couch is it was pretty much untouched. Someone bought it for their mom and then turned around and put her in a home. Other used couches just look so dirty. You don't know what the previous owners have spilt (or DONE) on there. There very well could have been some bare ass on that sofa cushion, AND YOU'LL NEVER KNOW. Unlike wood furniture, which I'm all about buying used, you can't really scrap away the grime. Anything questionable is just sitting in the fabric and padding, just waiting. EW.

Anyway, she bought this couch off of craigslist and got a pretty awesome deal on it. It was a baseline Pottery Barn couch that retails for $1200 and she got it for $250. The only problem is that it was cream (I don't know why anyone in their right mind would by a white couch unless they want to go insane anytime someone touches it) AND they had put it down in the basement and let their kids run free all over it. It was ripped and covered in markers, dirt, and random other stains. COVERED in them. We had our work cut out for us:


We're going to dye it espresso brown as soon as we find some decent fabric dye. Sorry, RIT, you kind of suck.

Click here to see how I did it. Beware of giant photos )

I also made bibimbap )
I finished A Sleeping Forest last night. If anyone is looking for a suspenseful murder-mystery jdrama with some crazy-ass twists, I really suggest it. Use the torrent off of d-addicts though, the version on [livejournal.com profile] jdramas is awful and doesn't do Kimura's hair justice.

That's all I'm going to say about it for fear of spoiling something.

Now I just need to decide if I'm going to continue with Love Revolution or Long Vacation. I also have Painter of the Wind sitting on my hard drive. We'll see.

Finally got to see last week's Leverage. It was pretty adorable. It's a show I really can't take too seriously though. They gloss over a LOT of things that if you think about don't really make a lot of sense. The plot is really thin, so just hang on for the ride and enjoy the characters and their lines. It's harmless fun.

When I was at my parent's last weekend painting, we picked up said paint from Sherwin-Williams. The guy behind the counter was perfectly nice, my only problem was he had a rotten tooth. Seriously, it was BLACK. SO GROSS.

This reminded me that I need to set up a dentist appointment as I'm already way past due. I also picked up some whitening strips, because I've been thinking about doing it for a while, but didn't want to bite the $30 bullet. I couldn't help myself this time around. It's a little difficult for me though, because for whatever reason I have a LOT of saliva. It's always been an issue.

I played trumpet in 4th grade and got really good use out of the spit valve. I don't think I was meant to play any instruments besides percussion and strings. It was gross. And when I had my braces put on (the first time) they gave me a pill to take beforehand to decrease my saliva flow.

So now I have these whitening trays sitting in my mouth and I can't swallow so I feel like a rabid dog. Beauty isn't pain, beauty is REALLY GROSS.

HAHA. Hope that wasn't TMI!
Watched Triple episodes 3-6 last night. And just like I figured I'm totally sold on Hwal. Vague Spoilery type talk perhaps? )

More of my armoire because I love and am obsessed with it )
I took a week long vacation last week and given my lack of monetary funds, that meant keeping it simple and going home to visit family. I was also SUPER productive. I refinished the armoire that's been sitting in my parents garage for several months now. It's still sitting there, but it's ready to come back to my place whenever they come over (my car is too small to take it all in one trip).

But first, a video of our cat, Jack, and his love affair with my shoes.

Now on to the Armoire Project Picspam! )

I finished Atashinchi no Danshi this weekend, it was all pretty adorable. Not an outstanding series by any stretch, but definitely enjoyable. I'll probably finish Who Are You? next... especially since there was no new True Blood this week! FROWNY FACE.


Jun. 19th, 2009 09:17 am
Not everything I touch turns to dust. For example, take the bush massacre that occurred in my lawn a few weeks ago. I cut those suckers BACK. And they may still die, but for now they are making a strong bid to live. Here is the photographic evidence:


Those little leaves are a million times prettier than the gnarled mess they used to be. Another picture plus CAT behind the cut )
I am SO SORE right now. Crouching and bending and reaching and painting all weekend left me bone-tired. I slept the sleep of the dead last night, which was fantastic until my freaking alarm went off.

It was all worth it though, because my front two rooms look amazing. There is still a little cleanup to do, so not final photos today. I do have some progress shots for everyone )

My other (unplanned) weekend project was shaving my cat )

HA HA XDDDD I'm the worst mother in the world!

I also finally started Avatar and LOVE IT. Plus, I can watch the first season free on Netflix so I don't have to download it. My computer HD is hurting. I really need a DVD burner.
So I think I've finished up everything I'm going to have at my Artist Alley table (besides packing of course). I have hairclips of all shapes and sizes plus a few phone charms. I had initially wanted to do necklaces and more phone charms, but time and my numerous mistakes made that impossible. Chalk it up to experience people. At least I got some stuff done.

Speaking of which, here are some pictures )


Apr. 9th, 2009 11:15 am
I know I'm completely late on this, but NEWS' new pv for Koi no ABO may be one of the most awkward things I've ever seen. There is a reason the JE backup dancers are usually little boys and not those of the female variety. The only thing that salvages it is the silly disco dance and costume/hairstyles in the second half. I don't think JE really knows what to do with NEWS. I get the feeling that as long as they have Yamapi not much effort is going to get put into that group since they don't really need it.

The song is blah but the only NEWS singles I've actually really liked were weeeek and Summertime, so no real surprise there. I had higher expectations when I heard it was disco-esque because I love me some disco. At least Pi ditched the perm, though I don't like this new hair thing much either. But then, Shige and Massu are suffering from ill-advised hair moves as well. OH NEWS - Why don't you have a personality?

I've been staring at excel spreadsheets all week so I am SUPER excited for my three day weekend. I'm heading up to the Chicagoland area to pick up a FREE armoire for myself. I have yet to see it in person but I am super excited about it. It's big and solid wood and FREE. I know it needs to be stripped and restained because it is currently a kind of baby poop brown and that won't do. But it will look so much better than my current tv console situation.

Easter egg dying is also in my future which is fun. Plus it means deviled eggs, WHICH ARE DELICIOUS.

Besides that I need to pack up some crafting stuff to do over the weekend. I'm experiencing a major time crunch due to my laziness. I've used up all my resin, so the casting portion is done. Now I need to paint Yoko skulls and wingalings and glue barrettes. TICK TOCK.

ETA: And Ashes to Ashes is back on the 20th!
Splitting my time between crafting and packing... and not being entirely productive at either. I did get the two pieces for Rosalina's brooch baked and sanded. The star portion still needs a little bit of love but I'm getting close to the painting portion of the excitement.


Two more pictures this way... )



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