I'll tell you what's up, Jeff Winger. COMMUNITY IS BACK TONIGHT. Yessssss.
gif found at communitythings@tumblr, which is a wonderful experience

Also, I have some tiny picspams for you today:

I watched Cyrano Dating Agency and it was not exactly what I thought it was going to be. Just based on the synopsis and promo posters I thought it was going to be a light-hearted romantic comedy, but instead it was kind of a downer. I'll explain more after the cut: Spoilers )

Finally finished the last three episodes of Leverage. Good fun as always. Parker and Hardison are the best (Pretzels!). Though, as much as I love Eliot (and his hair), it can get a little tiresome when it becomes the Eliot Show. For example: THIS ENTIRE SCENE WAS RIDICULOUS.


Oh, and I randomly watched Off The Map and I never need to do that again. Between the veteran doctors' holier-than-though behavior and the team nearly letting a guy bleed out on the operating table so he could propose to his girlfriend, I don't need to go back.


I'm not even going to go into My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, because I'm still ridiculous about it. I'm aware of it's faults (mainly any character or storyline that ISN'T Mi-Ho... and to a lesser degree Dae-Woong), but I don't care because I just go to a happy wonderful place whenever Gu Mi-Ho is being adorable.

In other drama news, I've devoured the first 6 eps of Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (hereafter known at Natsu Niji because COME ON). And it's been so long since I've enjoyed so many dramas at the same time. This one is just completely precious and I adore every character, which is more than can be said for MGiaG. And since it has a shorter jdrama running time, I just inhale it like candy. I just want to snuggle everyone. It's so pleasant and easy to watch.

Sakura might be my favorite character though, as wonderful as Shiori is and as goofy as Taiga is, I wish Sakura had her own show. I love how serious she is about work, she manages to be very professional but is just as quick to drop that facade and show her slightly acerbic personality. But she's never false or cutesy and I love it! I just wish she hadn't fallen for Taiga. I knew it would happen, but I really don't like it. I don't think the show needs that. Also, I KNEW I had seen her before. She was totally in Hana Kimi! I'm not insane!

GOLD is awesome. More subs need to come out. That is all.

What's with all the fantastic female characters this season? I LOVE IT.

Watched the first 15 minutes or so of Joseon X-Files and it looked pretty promising. Very slick. I'm excited to watch more. Anyone else following this series?

Leverage went out with kind of a putter for it's summer mid-season finale. I thought they phoned it in, which was disappointing.

No True Blood this week... *claws at walls* I don't see how they are going to resolve everything next week (there is only one episode left, right?). The show has been all over the place I almost feel like too much has gone on, but also nothing at all. I mean really, what are the plot points? The werewolves have kind of disappeared...

Basically, I'm still on kind of a high from this week's Mad Men, which I'm fairly certain is in my top 5, if not my favorite episode. Fantastic through and through. I found this recap/picspam here and it just made me want to rewatch the episode more.


Aug. 24th, 2010 09:50 am
rosdrise: (mad men - betty is PISSED)
I stalled on Ashes to Ashes a while back as it wasn't really holding my attention, but picked it up again recently. Episode 5 was great and the first 14 minutes of episode 6 are shaping up to be a repeat performance. This is really such a solid show, I only wish I understood more of the slang used. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot.

Leverage 3x11 - "The Rashomon Job" was A.MA.ZING and easily my favorite episode ever. What a stand-out effort. I love when shows play around with story-telling formats. The running gag around Sophie accent was spectacular and only one of so many great moments. Good job, show.

True Blood 3x10 - "I Smell a Rat" - Not a terrible amount of action in this episode, but I still enjoyed it. Lots of pieces being moved around and set in place. Sookie kind of cracked me up this episode, but if I were her I'd be a hell of a lot more wary of Bill, especially after Tara came clean about what happened to her on top of the secrets he's been keeping. Bill may love Sookie, and he was trying to keep her safe, but that doesn't excuse letting Franklin terrorize Tara. Speaking of Tara: I loved the scene between her and Jason. Fantastic acting by both parties. Also, I love Pam.

Mad Man 4x05 - "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" - WOAH. This show. I can't even. I know pretty much all of fandom hates Betty Draper, and understandably so. She's an awful woman-child who is front-runner for Worst Mother of the Year. Yet, I can't help but be really invested in her story and I'm not even exactly sure why. Maybe it's residual pity for what I felt towards her in the first season? I don't know. By all accounts I shouldn't stand her, she doesn't have any admirable qualities. But when she just started laying everything out on the table for the psychiatrist without any prodding all I could think was "Oh, Betty." She really needs someone to talk to and I really REALLY hope they go more into her childhood. They've hinted at it so many times up till now, I'd love to see a flashback like we get for Don.

Also, that scene with Joan in her red dress and Roger in his stark white and gray office was so beautifully shot. I love the way this show looks.

QUERY! - My music selection is in desperate need of some revitalization. Anyone have any suggestions for good work-out songs? What do you guys listen to when you want to get PUMPED UP!?

ETA: HOW COULD I FORGET TO MENTION THIS? I am very excited about the upcoming Oguri Shun/Inoue Mao (with bonus!Narimiya Hiroki) drama. It does my little Rui/Makino shipper heart good (as much as I love the Domyouji/Makino endgame, I can't help but ship R/M in the beginning). But... the title. QUESTIONABLE CHOICE, JAPAN.
I finished my TV meme and now I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. So, I suppose I can give a few quick updates on what I'm watching at the moment.

Leverage - Good fun! Leaps of logic abound, but it doesn't really matter as long as you have the crew :)

Mad Men (4x04 "The Rejected") - I think the show has been aces since it started back up. I'm looking forward to a possible Don Draper breakdown in the future. The man's life is in shambles. The shit has to hit the fan AT SOME POINT. Maybe more secretaries need to through things at him.

True Blood (3x09 "Everything is Broken") - I love you Jason Stackhouse. Your idiocy is just too endearing, but your storyline this year IS BORING ME TO TEARS and YOU'RE BEING KIND OF A DICK. I liked that mildly self-aware speech he gave to the high school QB a few episodes back, and I like that he's recognized he needs to do something worthwhile with his life. But the way he's going about it is just so self-absorbed and, I guess, VERY Jason-Stackhouse. Regarding Tara: I KNEW FRANKLIN WASN'T DEAD. I really wish Tara had been the one to kill him :/.

Hotaru no Hikari 2 (Episode 5) - WTF BUCHOU? Take it back!

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (Episode 7) - Finally an OTT manga drama I can get behind. It's actually funny, thank goodness. Though subs seem to have stalled on it :/

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child (Episode 6) - I feel like the show had been treading water for sometime. There are only so many times I can watch people search for Yeon Yi before I start ffing. But finally we got some movement with the Lady finding out what the Lord was up to, Yeon Yi's boyfriend seeing her Gumiho fur, and Momma Gumiho getting smacked with some kind of binding charm by the demon hunter who then proceeded to THROW HER INTO A LAKE. Right on show.

And because I'm having meme withdrawal:

5 Things Meme from [livejournal.com profile] geewhiz

Ask me my Top Five whatevers. Fannish or literary or RL or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what -- fandoms, characters, ice cream flavours, cartoon moments, women/men in my fandoms, OTPs, ideal holiday destinations, goals for the future, celebrity crushes, books I wish would be made into movies, love songs, etc. And I will answer them all in a new entry.
Work has been kicking my ASS recently. The thing that annoys me about my job is that everything I do is so completely random. It's millions of little things, but I don't have one big thing that I can call my own. I help everyone with their big things. I would love to be able to have one impressive thing I could call my own. As it is, it's hard to pin down what exactly it is I DO because I don't have that. Ah, well.

The turkey on my sandwich tastes a little funny. GREAT.

LEVERAGE FANS, fill me in, because I'm not in the know: Gina Bellman is coming back, right? I know she is preggers IRL, but I'll have a super sad face if Sophie never returns. Also, it sucks having to wait until January for new episodes. Though I suppose that IS better than waiting a year.

In drama news, I kind of hate waiting currently airing shows because that means I have to wait for subs. I mainly do it so I can participate in the discussions. I don't mind when it comes to shows like Buzzer Beat because the subs get released at a steady rate. But I'm thisclose to taking Karei naru Spy off of my "Currently Watching" list because it's nearly done airing and only ONE episode has been subbed.

I also started My Fair Lady (or Taking Care of the Lady, formerly known as Lady Castle, which I think was actually the best name out of the three despite how engrishtastic it was) and I can't decide it I like it or not. I was actually pleasantly surprised after watching the first three episodes that Hae-na was not as shrill as I was expecting her to be. She's just kind of a bitch, which I can deal with. I think YEH is doing a good job of hinting at the mushy center that is covered by that hard candy shell.

No, she doesn't really have a reason to be spoiled beyond just being a plain brat, but I do think it is a defense mechanism that has simply been allowed to go to far. I'd be fine with her character for the most part (mainly she just doesn't want anyone to ever get close enough that they could possibly hurt her, so she's awful to EVERYONE), the issue I have is with her not wanting to 'work.' That's kind of hard to get past. Just put effort towards SOMETHING beyond just being horrible. I'm assuming she'll learn to be so during the course of the drama.

The show itself is pretty over the top. I almost feel like I'm watching a play with all the exaggerated gestures, but I don't really mind it. It can be pretty funny, and the little boy is probably my favorite part. I do wish that Yoon Sang Hyun would shave off that horrendous mustache. He just looks SO SKEEVY with it that I'm finding it hard to even look at him. He's doing a nice job as Dong Chan, since most of the comedy falls on his shoulders, but seriously, THE RAZOR IS YOUR FRIEND.

Also, seeing Jung Il Woo is REALLY making me want to watch Return of Iljimae which I've only heard awesome things about, but I need to finish Painter of the Wind first!

Anyway, My Fair Lady is kind of stumbling along. It's far from spectacular, but it is keeping me interested and I'm not quite sure why. Although it could very well be the fact that Dong Chan so earnestly played Lionel Ritchie's "Hello" on the piano in order to seduce Hae-na (who was like, that's nice - NOW PLAY THIS GIRL'S GENERATION SONG). You know, the one with the music video of the blind girl making the clay bust of him? OMG I LAUGHED SO HARD. He was taking it so seriously, I nearly died.
While watching Leverage tonight I took a quick look at the third episode of Buzzer Beat during the commercials. I don't normally watch episode until I have subs, it's kind of like torture. But I'm just so charmed by this silly little drama. Anyway, have a random cap that cracked me up for no real reason:



Leverage kind of disappointed this evening. :(
Stayed up way past my bedtime last night to catch up on all the subbed episodes of Triple (through episode 10). I really find it hard to believe that after these past two episodes there could possibly be anyone that does not shipt Hwal/Haru. They must not be right in the head.

And with all that happened I really can't see how they are going to end it without Hwal and Haru getting together and still have everyone be happy. They will both be miserable, they've made that clear. And if Hwal goes back to Soo In then Hyun Tae will be miserable (though I still don't really buy his love for her) and somewhere in her mind Soo In does love Hyun Tae and must know that Hwal doen't harbor singularly oppa-like feelings for Haru.

OR MAYBE SOMEONE JUST DIES. Then EVERYONE can be sad. I'm worried drama, I hope you can pull this off.

I'm still a little ansty about the age difference, but it's miniscule. That's mainly due to the fact that Haru is 18 and not 16 like I thought. It's not that I have an issue with the age difference, it's just that 16 sounds so young. But thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sailorgaia and her examples of such age difference from literature I feel a lot better. The one that really got me was Emma because it is so like the situation we have now. Mr. Knightley was 16 when Emma was born and practically raised her. Of course, Emma was a brat and though many people are calling Haru a brat I just can't bring myself to agree. I thought she handled the whole situation quite well, she was being honest with her feelings and I think that's admirable.

ANYWAY, after making peace I remembered that Emma was the story on which Clueless was based, which was my example of how former step-siblings falling in love can be awesome. It all came full circle! Everything is connected #_#

I ended up staying up later than I wanted because I watched the President's press conference and LEVERAGE episode 2. Any episode that gives me that much shirtless Eliot is OK in my book. The hick jokes got a little tiresome. I'm pretty sure they have more than chicken-fried steak and pork rinds in Nebraska (though I loved Sophie's line about chicken not being a verb). The Leverage team has been in the Midwest before, what the hell do they have against Nebraska?

I saw the twist at the end coming, because doesn't Leverage ALWAYS have a twist? But it was still fun, just like it ALWAYS is.

Plus, I kind of love the fact that Eliot is teaching Parker to fight. That's hilarious and fantastic all at the same time. And how adorable was her chokehold on Hardison? :D

Also, the 's' key on my keyboard is sticking and driving me insane because I'm typing and no s's show up unless I'm paying strict attention to pushing the key HARD.


Apr. 28th, 2009 11:36 am
So, I have found a new love and it's name is LEVERAGE.


We have thieves, snark, and cons. COME JOIN US. )



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