Watched the first twenty minutes of Jyuui Dolittle and had to turn it off because:

1. I'm not starting anything new until after NaNo, dammit!
2. He was about to perform major surgery on a horse by himself
3. Shun's whole look. I know it's for the part, but damn. Mao is adorable as always.
4. The cat puppet. OMG. THE CAT PUPPET.

I really hope things get better when I return.

Vampire Diaries 2x06 - "Plan B"

THIS SHOW. It just doesn't stop. There is no down time. If there is ever an episode that's a little slow I'm disappointed, which totally isn't fair because NO show can go full throttle 100% of the time. TVD does its best to prove me wrong though. DAMN SHOW.

First, let's mourn the pretty that was Mason Lockwood. It needed to be done, though Damon is starting to tilt over the line for me. He did acknowledge he was wrong to provoke Katherine at least. But he's starting to annoy me more than he amuses me.

Poor Stefan! I honestly can't remember a scene like that one where the girl gets to do the breaking up and the guy is just so heartbroken. I loved it.

Caroline is fast becoming one of my favorite characters, though Bonnie took a step in the right direction for me. I've always supported her stance on vampires, because it's good to have someone on that side of the argument. But it never sat right with me the way she treated Caroline. It wasn't Caroline's choice to become a vampire and she just became one. Yes, she killed a guy, but it kind of broke my heart that Bonnie reacted the way she did. I could see it if she didn't know the person, but Caroline's been her friend for years. I'm so happy they spent some time together.

Also: Katherine is so evil! Granted, Matt's kind of been on my list since he broke up with Caroline. I mean seriously, he goes from one day professing his love for her and then turns around and decides that she's too crazypants? Not cool, dude. Not cool. Though I do hope he makes it out alive, because Caroline would be super sad. And she already had to wipe her mom's memories after they reconciled :(
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Hotaru no Hikari 2 continues to be cute, but not as engaging as the first season. Hotaru and Buchou are magic together as always, it's the rest of the show that leaves something to be desired.


Watched the first episode of Terriers on FX last night and was pleasantly surprised! I only decided to check it out because I liked Michael Raymond-James on True Blood. Spoilers for the first season of TB: I liked Rene, so I was pretty bummed when it turned out he was COMPLETELY PSYCHOTIC and not even a LITTLE Cajun. Though, Sookie beheading him with a shovel is probably the coolest she's ever been. ANYWAY, he and Donal Logue play a couple of scrappy private eyes.

Logue plays Hank, a reformed alcoholic, divorced, ex-cop and Raymond-James plays Britt, a former thief. Together - Wacky Hijinks!

Sounds a little like a show for USA, but it's got a bit more grit since it's on FX. It doesn't break any new ground, but I enjoyed the first episode. The issue I have, is that I have very few Appointment TV shows. Mad Men and Lost are pretty much it. So... I guess it's only Mad Men now. I dl True Blood on account of it airing on stupid HBO.

So, maybe I'll remember to watch this? It's only 12 episodes so I should be able to handle that. I'm not terribly excited about anything airing this fall. The Event could be cool, but it could also be another FlashForward. :/

Oh! Finished up Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and it was enjoyable throughout and even gave me a satisfactory ending! Lots of cute, and even a few heartwarming moments. This was a manga-ish jdrama done well.

ETA! Holy crap, I totally forgot that The Vampire Diaries is back on tonight! :O I do have more Appointment TV!
Day 20 - Favorite kiss


SPOILERS FOR THE VAMPIRE DIARIES SERIES ONE FINALE. LIKE, SERIOUSLY. Don't read this if you have watched it, because it might taint what was a damn near perfect way to end the season


30 Days of Television )
Day 15 - Favorite female character


Seeing as I picked a male character from Community I might as well pick my favorite female character from my other favorite new show of this past season: The Vampire Diaries.

Actually, I think TVD does a pretty decent job with it's female characters. Elena approaches the issue of having a vampire boyfriend with a lot more sense than a certain other brunette. Caroline reminds me a lot of Shannon from Lost in that there is a lot more to her than what people are willing to see. Even Vicki, who I couldn't stand got pretty cool once she was turned into a vampire. Katherine is Katherine and deliciously evil at that.

Then there is Bonnie, who is Elena's best friend. She learns at the beginning of the show that all those silly stories her grandmother used to tell are completely true: she's a witch. After some time to adjust Bonnie takes to her new found powers immediately. She's strong and smart and will protect those she loves no matter what. She's all kinds of awesome.


I also totally ship her with Damon, which is difficult because she kind of wants him dead.


30 Days of Television )
Day 10 - A show you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving


All I was looking for with The Vampire Diaries initially, was a fun, harmless, even stupid show. And that's pretty much what I got for the first four episodes, only worse. The dialogue was stilted, the characters were flat, and it was just straight-up boring. And then something happened:

It got awesome.

I can't even remember when it happened, but all of a sudden TVD was a show I couldn't miss. I hated that it was up against Community because I had to choose between the two. The Vampire Diaries won since there would have been 1/2 and hour after Community where there was nothing to watch. There was mystery, intrigue, the characters were interesting, and sometimes it was genuinely creepy. This all culminated in one heck of a season finale. Who knew?

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