I've really been awful about this Livejournal thing. I blame the fact that I haven't really been watching any dramas. I'm on episode 11 of Rooftop Prince and that's pretty much the only show I've been watching since my last update. I'm pretty pumped about watching Big simply because of the Gong Yoo/Lee Min-jung/Hong Sisters trifecta. I hope it doesn't suck. Someone tell me it doesn't suck.

Dramas have kind of fallen by the wayside because any tv I've been watching has been with other people (two sisters - one bonus one is living with us this summer). And dramas are kind of a niche thing, you know? So, when I do have alone time I have to decide between dramas or books and reading's been winning out as of late. I finally got around to reading A Dance With Dragons or whatever the lastest ASOIAF book is called. What a waste of my time. I wish I could understand why that book needed to be so long when NOTHING HAPPENED. Maybe I'll just stick to summaries in the future, since I still vaguely care about what happens to Arya and Sansa.

And then I did an A:TLA rewatch. But now my plate it clear! I am determined to finish Rooftop Prince. Although, I could very well get distracted by Big. WHO KNOWS. Time will tell. But, I've crossed the halfway point with RP despite it kind of boring me. Hopefully it picks up again. I still wish it was just a show about Park Ha and the three sidekicks. The prince and Se-na can go be on another show as far as I'm concerned.

SUMMER TV! I'm finishing up a rewatch of True Blood's last season before I start the next. I also have Bunheads on dvr, so I hope that's fun. I'm really only checking it out because of Amy Sherman-Palladino. Besides Pretty Little Liars I tend to steer clear of ABC Family shows. Jane by Design makes me watch to kill puppies.

Work has been pretty great. I got a raise so that's super. I'm supervising people which is a little scary but also cool? I want to be a good manager, but I'm dealing with some big internal battles because I don't want people to hate me. I just need to get more comfortable with confronting people when they do things wrong instead of going behind the scenes and cleaning it up for them. It just sometimes seems easier if I do everything because I know it's going to get done correctly... but it also makes my life kind of impossible.

As far as summer plans go I think I'm going to go on a cemetery tour! Sounds fun, right? :D I've inherited a bunch of family genealogy information. It's all in binders, so I've made it my mission to move everything into the digital world. It's all from my dad's side of the family and mostly his father's side. I have information going back to 1860, when they packed up and moved from Virginia to Illinois via Indiana. I have much, much less on my grandmother's family. So once I get all of my paternal grandfather's information squared away I'd love to delve into that and really learn how to research this whole ancestry thing. Because I really have no idea where to start when it comes to that. There is all kinds of conflicting/incomplete information out there. I think people just said whatever they wanted when the census came to town.

Anyway, I want to go get shots of tombstones because I'm creepy like that.

EDIT: OH ALSO! I wanted to catch up on everything I've missed, since I haven't even been ON this website in ages. And it wouldn't let me go past 120 entries on my friends list! D:
So, I watched the True Blood season 3 finale last night...Spoilers... )


I'm not even going to go into My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, because I'm still ridiculous about it. I'm aware of it's faults (mainly any character or storyline that ISN'T Mi-Ho... and to a lesser degree Dae-Woong), but I don't care because I just go to a happy wonderful place whenever Gu Mi-Ho is being adorable.

In other drama news, I've devoured the first 6 eps of Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku (hereafter known at Natsu Niji because COME ON). And it's been so long since I've enjoyed so many dramas at the same time. This one is just completely precious and I adore every character, which is more than can be said for MGiaG. And since it has a shorter jdrama running time, I just inhale it like candy. I just want to snuggle everyone. It's so pleasant and easy to watch.

Sakura might be my favorite character though, as wonderful as Shiori is and as goofy as Taiga is, I wish Sakura had her own show. I love how serious she is about work, she manages to be very professional but is just as quick to drop that facade and show her slightly acerbic personality. But she's never false or cutesy and I love it! I just wish she hadn't fallen for Taiga. I knew it would happen, but I really don't like it. I don't think the show needs that. Also, I KNEW I had seen her before. She was totally in Hana Kimi! I'm not insane!

GOLD is awesome. More subs need to come out. That is all.

What's with all the fantastic female characters this season? I LOVE IT.

Watched the first 15 minutes or so of Joseon X-Files and it looked pretty promising. Very slick. I'm excited to watch more. Anyone else following this series?

Leverage went out with kind of a putter for it's summer mid-season finale. I thought they phoned it in, which was disappointing.

No True Blood this week... *claws at walls* I don't see how they are going to resolve everything next week (there is only one episode left, right?). The show has been all over the place I almost feel like too much has gone on, but also nothing at all. I mean really, what are the plot points? The werewolves have kind of disappeared...

Basically, I'm still on kind of a high from this week's Mad Men, which I'm fairly certain is in my top 5, if not my favorite episode. Fantastic through and through. I found this recap/picspam here and it just made me want to rewatch the episode more.


Aug. 24th, 2010 09:50 am
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I stalled on Ashes to Ashes a while back as it wasn't really holding my attention, but picked it up again recently. Episode 5 was great and the first 14 minutes of episode 6 are shaping up to be a repeat performance. This is really such a solid show, I only wish I understood more of the slang used. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot.

Leverage 3x11 - "The Rashomon Job" was A.MA.ZING and easily my favorite episode ever. What a stand-out effort. I love when shows play around with story-telling formats. The running gag around Sophie accent was spectacular and only one of so many great moments. Good job, show.

True Blood 3x10 - "I Smell a Rat" - Not a terrible amount of action in this episode, but I still enjoyed it. Lots of pieces being moved around and set in place. Sookie kind of cracked me up this episode, but if I were her I'd be a hell of a lot more wary of Bill, especially after Tara came clean about what happened to her on top of the secrets he's been keeping. Bill may love Sookie, and he was trying to keep her safe, but that doesn't excuse letting Franklin terrorize Tara. Speaking of Tara: I loved the scene between her and Jason. Fantastic acting by both parties. Also, I love Pam.

Mad Man 4x05 - "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" - WOAH. This show. I can't even. I know pretty much all of fandom hates Betty Draper, and understandably so. She's an awful woman-child who is front-runner for Worst Mother of the Year. Yet, I can't help but be really invested in her story and I'm not even exactly sure why. Maybe it's residual pity for what I felt towards her in the first season? I don't know. By all accounts I shouldn't stand her, she doesn't have any admirable qualities. But when she just started laying everything out on the table for the psychiatrist without any prodding all I could think was "Oh, Betty." She really needs someone to talk to and I really REALLY hope they go more into her childhood. They've hinted at it so many times up till now, I'd love to see a flashback like we get for Don.

Also, that scene with Joan in her red dress and Roger in his stark white and gray office was so beautifully shot. I love the way this show looks.

QUERY! - My music selection is in desperate need of some revitalization. Anyone have any suggestions for good work-out songs? What do you guys listen to when you want to get PUMPED UP!?

ETA: HOW COULD I FORGET TO MENTION THIS? I am very excited about the upcoming Oguri Shun/Inoue Mao (with bonus!Narimiya Hiroki) drama. It does my little Rui/Makino shipper heart good (as much as I love the Domyouji/Makino endgame, I can't help but ship R/M in the beginning). But... the title. QUESTIONABLE CHOICE, JAPAN.
I finished my TV meme and now I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. So, I suppose I can give a few quick updates on what I'm watching at the moment.

Leverage - Good fun! Leaps of logic abound, but it doesn't really matter as long as you have the crew :)

Mad Men (4x04 "The Rejected") - I think the show has been aces since it started back up. I'm looking forward to a possible Don Draper breakdown in the future. The man's life is in shambles. The shit has to hit the fan AT SOME POINT. Maybe more secretaries need to through things at him.

True Blood (3x09 "Everything is Broken") - I love you Jason Stackhouse. Your idiocy is just too endearing, but your storyline this year IS BORING ME TO TEARS and YOU'RE BEING KIND OF A DICK. I liked that mildly self-aware speech he gave to the high school QB a few episodes back, and I like that he's recognized he needs to do something worthwhile with his life. But the way he's going about it is just so self-absorbed and, I guess, VERY Jason-Stackhouse. Regarding Tara: I KNEW FRANKLIN WASN'T DEAD. I really wish Tara had been the one to kill him :/.

Hotaru no Hikari 2 (Episode 5) - WTF BUCHOU? Take it back!

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (Episode 7) - Finally an OTT manga drama I can get behind. It's actually funny, thank goodness. Though subs seem to have stalled on it :/

Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child (Episode 6) - I feel like the show had been treading water for sometime. There are only so many times I can watch people search for Yeon Yi before I start ffing. But finally we got some movement with the Lady finding out what the Lord was up to, Yeon Yi's boyfriend seeing her Gumiho fur, and Momma Gumiho getting smacked with some kind of binding charm by the demon hunter who then proceeded to THROW HER INTO A LAKE. Right on show.

And because I'm having meme withdrawal:

5 Things Meme from [livejournal.com profile] geewhiz

Ask me my Top Five whatevers. Fannish or literary or RL or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what -- fandoms, characters, ice cream flavours, cartoon moments, women/men in my fandoms, OTPs, ideal holiday destinations, goals for the future, celebrity crushes, books I wish would be made into movies, love songs, etc. And I will answer them all in a new entry.
Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure show


In reality, I don't feel that guilty about watching True Blood. It's kind of like the Mad Men of trashy shows: it's really good at what it does. Alan Ball has taken a kind of balls to the wall approach with this show - pretty much anything and everything goes. There is humor, horror, drama, and lots and lots of sex and blood. LOTS. Like, it can get a little ridiculous.

But it's all kind of fantastic because it's so well done. There is always something new and exciting happening and there is just no chance of you ever getting off the crazy carnival ride that is this show.

Something I wanted to say about this past episode. SPOILERS: There is no way that Franklin is dead. Does Tara not know anything about vampire lore? You gotta stake that asshole or remove his head from his shoulders. Smashing it isn't going to do anything. Though I loved that she finally got to fight back. Also loved her and Sookie kicking some werewolf butt.

Are we going to get some Tara and Alcide action? Sookie really doesn't need any more admirers and Tara deserves some gorgeous werewolf love.

I read the first book in the series the show was based on, hoping to find some of the same magic, but was sorely disappointed. I thought everything fell kind of flat in comparison to what you see on the screen.

30 Days of Television )
My uncle called me Friday night to ask if I'd watch my little cousins on Saturday so he and my aunt could go to the oldest's little league playoff game. At 8:30 am.

Ah ha ha XD. Yeah, I passed on that opportunity.

Instead, I slept. Then I woke up (around 8:30 actually) and cleaned (I'm not completely lazy, but 4 cousins under the age of 9 on Saturday morning was just too much).

I also decided I wanted to put a few more coats of stain on the coffee table I refinished about two years ago. I always meant to do it, but never got around to it. Of course, we had a giant thunderstorm on Sunday, so I had to bring it inside. My cats were immediately interested in it and got their dirty little paws all over it. Now it needs ANOTHER coat. But it does look nicer. The color is richer and I'm very happy.

The tomato plants I started from seeds and transplanted out into my yard a couple weeks ago are still alive! (A majority of them!) The brussel sprouts and lettuce bit the dust, but I kind of figured that. They were WEAK. I'm glad it's been raining pretty steadily since I planted the tomatoes. Not having a hose makes it really time consuming to water plants.

I'm pretty excited about my tv line-up tonight: Doctor Who and True Blood. I've managed to stay away from spoilers for the finale, but the mummerings seem to be pretty positive. Overall I've been pretty disappointed with this season. Granted, I like the Doctor and I like Amy, but the episodes have been less than spectacular. I expected more from Moffat, since he was responsible for my favorite DW episodes ever: The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.

Only two episodes of True Blood have aired, and it's driving me crazy because I wish I had a new episode every night. It's just been so completely on, I don't even know how to describe it. Bill has been fantastic (I agree with a lot of people that both him and Sookie are far more interesting when they are separated). Same with Jason and Jessica (and Pam! :D). However, I'm not completely sold on Eric/Sookie. Maybe I've just been underwhelmed by him? The fans of the books are so crazy for him, I think it may have put me off. He's interesting to a degree, but I still don't completely understand the hype.

Also, more nekkid werewolf please. DAMN.

This weekend I also finally got around to watching Alice in Wonderland. What a complete disappointment. I'm glad I never shelled out the money to see it in IMAX like I originally planned. Tim Burton has made some wonderful movies (Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish are some favorites), but this just seemed so entirely devoid of the imagination and darker whimsy that I had expected. I mean, it's Alice in Wonderland, how can you make it BORING?

It's hardly a matter of it being a reimagining of the source material. There are plenty of adaptations and remakes that are wonderful (Clueless, anyone? Even Burton's own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was fun and interesting. To me, at least, I know a lot of people didn't care for it. Oh! I forgot about SyFy's recent "Alice" which was far from excellent but was at least engaging.).

But, Alice in Wonderland? I had to force myself to finish it. I just didn't care what happened to anyone. Alice hardly seemed a real person, she was just an entity that moved from one scene to another. I think Anne Hathaway's quirky White Queen was the only character I found remotely interesting.

I think the overwhelming presence of the CG world didn't help matters. Nothing seemed real, or tangible. It didn't even look like a dream. It just looked fake and I didn't care.

Also, did it seem like everyone was mumbling the entire time? I seriously couldn't understand half of what was being said and it drove me insane.

I haven't seen the Disney cartoon since I was very, very young, but I feel like I should watch it now. I also should find a copy of the 1985 TV version because I love it in all its campiness. I should also probably read the actual book one of these days (I don't think the play version I was in counts). :DV
I watched the first two episodes of Triple last night. And I loved it. DAMMIT.

I promised myself I would start this until I knew how it ended on account of the whole Haru/Hwal thing. They've been successfully sold to me as the OTP from nearly everyone who has watched it, but it has also been promised by the screenwriter that they won't 'go there' on accoun of the former step-siblings thing. To which I say BAH. Have you not seen Clueless? Speaking of which, I should watch that again. That movie is hilarious.

I may love nearly all of the characters. Haru is my favorite at the moment because she is fun, determined, and ADORABLE. I so want her to succeed beyond her wildest dreams then cuddle with her like Hyun Tae wanted to. Coming in at a close second is Hae Yoon who just seems like a genuinely nice guy and a cool person to hang out with. How could you not want him to be your friend? I love that he sticks up for Haru even though he doesn't know her at all. But then, who can really resist her?

Hyun Tae is a cutie, and I already kind of loved Yoon Kye Sang since I watched Who Are You?, so this is just solidifying that love. He's just a happy-go-lucky individual... I'm really not looking forward to him getting his stalker on.

I didn't mind Hwal at all in the beginning, but then he was mean to Haru and my opinion of him immediately dropped. I know this entire series is going to be about him opening up and becoming human again, so I'm sure my opinion will change. But at the moment I don't think that highly of him. Sang Hee is an interesting character, and adds a new dimension, but I can take her or leave her. Soo In... is not a favorite. Especially since she is using Haru to get close to Hwal. Not cool, lady. Not cool.

This week's episode of True Blood was a disappointment. Spoilers for 2x05 )
I took a week long vacation last week and given my lack of monetary funds, that meant keeping it simple and going home to visit family. I was also SUPER productive. I refinished the armoire that's been sitting in my parents garage for several months now. It's still sitting there, but it's ready to come back to my place whenever they come over (my car is too small to take it all in one trip).

But first, a video of our cat, Jack, and his love affair with my shoes.

Now on to the Armoire Project Picspam! )

I finished Atashinchi no Danshi this weekend, it was all pretty adorable. Not an outstanding series by any stretch, but definitely enjoyable. I'll probably finish Who Are You? next... especially since there was no new True Blood this week! FROWNY FACE.
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I hate when I forget to bring new tea to the office. Because then I have to result to the instant tea selection in the break room, which would be fine if it didn't taste like ASS. I'm not really picky about tea, I like green, chamomile, and mint tea, and can't stand fruit tea. But the stuff in the break room marked "Green Tea" tastes like it's been steeping for five hours and then burned. It's nasty. But I have to drink something because I have all this crap running down the back of my throat.

non-spoilery talk about A2A finale, spoilery talk about True Blood premiere, and MR BRAIN )
I may have gone to see Star Trek twice this weekend. I may have LOVED IT and would totally watch it again if I could. That was just a fun, well-written, well-acted, thoroughly enjoyable movie going experience.

I do still find it a little funny that so many people are freaking out over this movie, when just a short time ago Star Trek was a giant joke. Which, yeah, it was, but the movies (at least the majority of the TOS ones and Generations) were quite good. But this one really toned down the camp factor. But it did it without losing the heart of the original. So many times when things are redone they suck all the fun out of it, and they so didn't this time. It was just a fantastic movie, I can't say enough wonderful things about it. If you haven't seen it, DO. I don't care if you're not a Star Trek fan because you will like this movie. I honestly don't see how anyone couldn't.

The rest of Memorial Day weekend was spent helping my mother garden. So my chest is nice and red (not really sunburnt, just a little toasty). It wasn't too insanely hot which was a bonus, but boy was it a lot of work. Digging and hauling clay, planting, mulching (WHICH I HATE. Lugging around twenty bags of sweaty woodchips is not fun), etc. etc.

I finished ToGetHer as well. It was a little difficult to get through the last couple of episodes after stepping away from the series for a few weeks. Momo and Mars were still adorable, but the majority of the story had been told. They just wrung out a few more pieces of unneccesary drama, so that was a little tiresome. It was Momo's fault, for as strong as she was in the beginning, she got a little wishy-washy. I found it tiresome because it was so obvious how completely in love with her Mars was, she was only trying to fool herself. I think Mars may be one of my favorite drama characters ever. He grew from the entitled, self-absorbed (but HILARIOUS) man-child into a grown-up, caring, responsible and loving young man. It was wonderful. How could you not love him?

Now I am just waiting anxiously for the subs for the last episode of Atashinchi no Danshi to come out (the subbers took a break for the long weekend) and the first episode of Mr. Brain. I think I am going to start Painter of the Wind next, since it got good reviews from several people whose opinions I trust. I also need to finish capping the last episode of Exhibition of Fireworks so I can start watching and doing recaps for Smiling Pasta.

Oh! I also introduced my mother to True Blood (which is a little awkward to watch with your mother, since Jason Stackhouse can't keep it in his pants). It was kind of a vampirey weekend, since we watched the second and third craptacular Underworld movies. Now I'm all anxious for the next season to start. I need my summer tv now!

ETA: Saw a preview for Blood: The Last Vampire which looks AWESOME. It looks like a mixture of Kill Bill, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, AND VAMPIRES. I am very excited.

ETA RETURNS: Totally just spoiled myself for AtaDan ep 7 (which isn't even the one I am waiting to watch) and OMG. Must watch it nooooow. Chisato/Sho FTW.

ETA THRICE: Apparently there is a possible new Buffy movie in the works, with no involvement from Whedon at all. I have my issues with the man, but that may be one of the worst ideas ever.



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