So, I haven't done much posting or commenting because I haven't been doing that much fandoming (possible word? WHO CARES). Work and various other RL things have taken precedence. Heck, I still haven't finished What's Up and that was like the one thing I was watching.

I gave the first two episodes of Wild Romance a shot but it didn't do anything for me. And after the fiasco of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop I'm not about to stick to a drama that I'm not hooked on. There is too much out there to waste time on something that doesn't click. Then I started History of a Salaryman, but was so beat when I was watching it that I drifted in and out of consciousness during the second episode. So, even though I liked it, I also have a mental block when it comes to picking it back up... because I FELL ASLEEP during it.

Book reading has been very slow, even though I told myself that I was going to read more this year. I still need to finish True Grit which I enjoy, but I also need to be in the right mood to read. I randomly picked up a YA ebook called Angelfall (yeah, I know... angels. But it was on $0.99!!!) and was pleasantly surprised with it. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. Though I'm not keen on waiting. I'm all about coming into a series once it's done (Hunger Games!) or nearly (Leviathan!).

In less fun book news I'm reading The Land of Painted Caves the final (FINALLY) installment in Jean Auel's Earth's Children series (historical fiction set 30,000 years ago). She started writing them 30 odd years ago with Clan of the Cave Bear (A book that I still enjoy despite the precipitous drop in quality throughout the rest of the series) and is finally wrapping up this pile of dog poo.

Personally, I started the series early in high school when just the first four books were out. The first three are pretty good, but the series just got worse and more boring with each book. And now we're on the 6th book and there just isn't. any. plot. But I have to finish it. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the 800 pages and it is PAINFUL. If I have to read any more descriptions of cave paintings, the multitude of uses for cattails, or how strange Ayla's accent sounds... I can't be held responsible for my actions.

What's Up!

Jan. 5th, 2012 01:47 pm
I've watched the first 10 episodes of What's Up and kind of love it. Well, maybe not love but I definitely like it a lot more than any other dramas I've watched recently.

Spoilers through episode 10 of What's Up )

A post!

Dec. 30th, 2011 03:23 pm
I fudged a little when I did my 2011 drama countdown, since technically I wasn't done with City Hall or Flower Boy Ramen Shop at the time I created my list. I had 2 or the former and 4 of the laterleft. I figured that unless there was a Hong Gil Dong level of mood/plot change that my opinion probably wouldn't waver that much. And having finished them, I now know I WAS RIGHT. Both were pretty middle of the road dramas for me, with City Hall definitely being the better of the two.

City Hall

Spoilers for City Hall and FBRS )

Anyway, now I can catch up on What's Up, start Padam Padam, and wait for Wild Romance to start. Everyone else can check out that Moon-Sun saguek... let me know if it's worth it.

Currently I'm watching only one airing drama: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I was completely ready to drop it after the first two episodes because it just didn't click with me, but everyone else loved it so much I decided to give it another shot. And it was better! But now I'm ten episodes in, not invested at all, kind of hate the two male leads, but pretty much commited. I've passed the point of no return. I just can't bare to stop when I've already put this much time into a show. I just really wished I liked it better.

Spoiler through ep 10 )

I went ahead and started City Hall... and it's kind of a mirror of my dealings with FBRS. Initially I wasn't enamored of it, but there is so much love for this show in drama fandom I gave it another try. And then it was good! For a while... Now I'm ten episodes in and the election has only now begun and I feel like it will never. end. Spoiler through 10, again! )

Either I just keep picking dramas that are wrong for me or I've become IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE. This could very well be the case.

I'm anxiously awaiting subs for What's Up. Given the writer I have ever growing hopes for this show. Is it only getting subbed on viki? That's a bummer.

Anyway, I keep trolling the What's Up tracked tag on tumblr and people are only posting caps of Daesung (from Big Bang). What's a girl gotta do to get some Oh Man-seok up in this joint? Apparently he plays a drunk music professor? Can the show just be about him? The kids can sing and dance in the background. I don't really care.

Maybe I'll just go watch The Vineyard Man. AGAIN.

*Blows dust off of long ignored livejournal*

Long time no see, lj-dom! Kind of took an unexpected hiatus there, so my apologies. Didn't mean to, but work just kind of exploded in my face and is only now becoming a bit more reasonable. I've checked in here and there but haven't been spending any extended periods of time on livejournal. What down-time I have has mainly been spent over on tumblr, where it's really easy to look at pretty pictures and funny gifs and not have to put any real thought into anything. I kept meaning to make an lj update, but I knew I wanted to talk about the dramas I've been watching and the idea of doing a round-up post just became more and more intimidated. BUT I'M GOING TO DO IT.


Why? Because I haven't been that enamoured of the crop recently. I don't know if I've just been picking the wrong ones (mainly I've been picking the wrong ones) or the quality has just been sub-par. Nothing's been that great, but I've powered through some.

Shiawase ni Narou yo )

Ouran High School Host Club )


City Hunter )

Protect the Boss )

Spy Myung-wol )

Scent of a Woman )

So, I guess there wasn't a whole lot that I actually watched. I think Protect the Boss and Myung-wol just made it FEEL like an eternity. Also, my sister is making me watch Boys Over Flowers again (she's never seen it and wanted to after we watched City Hunter) and it makes me want to die. I did watch a bunch of other stuff though, hence the next category

THIRD: NON-DRAMA-DRAMAS (or, everything else)

Downton Abbey )

Sherlock )

North & South )

Misfits )

Young Justice )

Doctor Who )


What is everyone watching right now? I'm currently watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. After initally wanting to give it a pass after the first episode I'm glad I stayed with it. I'm enjoying Eun-bi more as a character and Ba-wool is pretty adorable. I don't think humor is Jung Il-woo's strong point, but he's doing a decent job as Cha Chi-soo (though I keep wondering when he's going to come completely unhinged). The only real problem I have is Kang-hyuk who I initally found amusing with the whole "too lazy to open his backpack" thing. But he quickly veered from cute to obnoxious when he laid that guilt trip on Eun-bi. She's not your wife, dude. Step off.

The only thing I have waiting in the wings is What's Up which starts in December. I'm thinking about watching something older, maybe City Hall or Story of a Man. Any jdrama suggestions?



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