So, Community is new tonight. FINALLY.


You know what this post needs? MORE DONALD GLOVER

Troy. Why are you doing our high school's politically conservative and shamefully outdated fight rap?
Pick 4 TV shows you like (I'm going with shows that are currently airing)

1. Community
2. Being Human (UK version, please and thank you)
3. V
4. Pretty Little Liars

Q and A time )


Mar. 9th, 2011 09:26 am
Things I'm excited about:

Troy is owning Sheldon in the Elite Eight Round of Fandom March Madness. I really think he has a shot of winning the whole thing and I'M SO EXCITED. I love that other people have realized what an awesome character he is. The Community gifspams and youtube clips in the comments are a thing of beauty. LOVE IT.

Things I'm annoyed with:

1. I randomly started Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, because Oh Ji Ho's dimples do it to me every time. I kind of love the heroine, despite how cold it was of her to ditch a guy at the altar for failing the bar exam. She's pretty funny.

HOWEVER, when is Korea going to realize that just because a woman is over 30 doesn't mean her insides have dried up and withered away. The fact that Uhm Jung Hwa is beautiful hurts their case a great deal. It's hard to take it seriously.

2. I'm looking to move, because my one bedroom is getting a little claustrophobic. Of course, as soon as I start looking, Google shuts down their real estate search on Googlemaps, which was the BEST way to find places. Now I'm stuck with the classifieds and craigslist. I found my current place on craigslist, but there is virtually nothing in the area/price range I'm looking for.

The first issue is that the majority of listings are for apartment buildings, which I'm not interested in. I want a house/duplex/condo, so already my choices are cut down. The second issue is that spammers are freaking everywhere. Two places I emailed about send me emails asking me to "verify that I'm human" and sent me to a website where I'm supposed to enter my cell phone number.

Yeah, that's not going to happen.

So annoying.
SO I spoiled myself for My Princess episode 7 and I want to watch it SO BAD. I NEED TO WATCH IT.

But...but Thursday night TV! D:

I'll tell you what's up, Jeff Winger. COMMUNITY IS BACK TONIGHT. Yessssss.
gif found at communitythings@tumblr, which is a wonderful experience

Also, I have some tiny picspams for you today:

I watched Cyrano Dating Agency and it was not exactly what I thought it was going to be. Just based on the synopsis and promo posters I thought it was going to be a light-hearted romantic comedy, but instead it was kind of a downer. I'll explain more after the cut: Spoilers )

Finally finished the last three episodes of Leverage. Good fun as always. Parker and Hardison are the best (Pretzels!). Though, as much as I love Eliot (and his hair), it can get a little tiresome when it becomes the Eliot Show. For example: THIS ENTIRE SCENE WAS RIDICULOUS.


Oh, and I randomly watched Off The Map and I never need to do that again. Between the veteran doctors' holier-than-though behavior and the team nearly letting a guy bleed out on the operating table so he could propose to his girlfriend, I don't need to go back.


Jan. 17th, 2011 02:11 pm
Went on a bit of a movie watching extravaganza this weekend and saw The King's Speech and True Grit, both of which are wonderful movies and I can't recommend them nearly enough. First up: The King's Speech!

I saw this just in time, considering I randomly watched The Golden Globes last night. Normally I steer clear of awards shows because they tend to be a million hours long and never that entertaining. But I was working from home last night and wanted some background noise. I'd read that Colin Firth pretty much had the Lead Actor in a Drama category wrapped up and I couldn't agree more. He was fantastic as King George VI, and what a part to play! He had the perfect mixture of stoic (we're talking British royalty here), strength, and vulnerability. He was so human in his faults (temper, frustration, etc) and even knowing the outcome of the movie didn't detract from his speech at the in the least. Plus, I just loved the look of the whole movie. I read one review (Ebert?) that talked about how a lot of the sets were these long, narrow spaces that served as a sort of mirror to Bertie's struggle to get words up and out his throat. As a bonus, Helena Bonham Carter was a treat as his wife Elizabeth.

I guess it was rated 'R' because of the use of 'fuck'? It's not even used in a sexual context. Bertie blurts it out in a fabulous tirade during a speech therapy session. It's a shame if the rating is what keeps people from seeing this movie.

Next Up: True Grit!

After I saw this movie I turned to my sister and asked her which she liked better: The King's Speech or True Grit. She couldn't decide. I'm not entirely sure of my opinion, because while I think The King's Speech is technically the better movie, I found True Grit slightly more entertaining. It's the one I thought more about when I decided to write this entry. Maybe simply because as a western there is more straight up adventure? I also think it's in large part due to Mattie Ross, the 14 year old girl dead-set on avenging her father's murder.

Mattie Ross is my hero. Here be spoilers )

Now, for some Golden Globes bitching. We'll move past the fact that True Grit got shut out, which I think is a shame. All three main parts were played to perfection, the dialogue was great (a much truer adaption to the book than the first movie, from what I've read) and the scenery and camera work was A+. Maybe it wouldn't have won, but it surely deserved some nominations.

Hate that Glee won Best Comedy. Not only should Community have been nominated, at the very least Modern Family should have gotten the win over freaking Glee. Ugh. Though, oddly enough, I'm fine with the Supporting Actor/Actress nods that Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch got (especially because they had some of the best speeches of the night).

Even more than that - I can't accept that Mad Men didn't win for Best Drama. Now, I'm pretty biased here because I've never seen Boardwalk Empire, but Mad Men was AMAZING this season. Jon Hamm was incredible as Don Draper and had some of the meatiest material he's ever had on the show.

I made some Christmas cookies recently and took some crappy pictures, and now I'm going to share them! They weren't anything complicated. Far from it, actually. Kind of lazy, white-trash-ish even? I made Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies and Peppermint Bark. The chocolate cookies were made using cake mix, so pretty much the only thing easier is to just go ahead and buy the already made dough and slice (or break off) yourself some cookies. Peppermint Bark is made with white chocolate, which can't really be called chocolate, but I love peppermint. One of my favorite things about Christmas-time is Fannie May Peppermint Ice (and peppermint ice cream. YUM).

It was all edible in the end. Success! )

Things I need to do:
  • Buy something for our extended family grab bag. It's all for laughs, but I'm having a hard time coming up with something. I'm thinking about a giant bouncy ball I saw at Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Finish Hotaru no Hikari 2 so I can make my year end drama list. I haven't watched any dramas since the beginning of November. It's crazy. I have been watching a LOT of Psych and I'm kind of in love with Gus, fyi.

  • Bitch about how Community didn't get a Golden Globe nomination. It's ridiculous.

My car started yelling at me about the air pressure in my tires yesterday , so I went to four different gas stations last night after work. The first one ate my money and didn't work, the second one at least had an "out of order" sign up, the third one didn't have an air pump, and the fourth was having it's parking lot repaved. I finally gave it up as a lost cause and went home.
I haven't been sicksick in years. The last time I was bed-ridden sick was back during my freshman year of college. I got some kind of gastrointestinal bug and had to be hospitalized for a few days. That was the time I went to the ER and they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me so not only did I get a Surprise!Papsmear they also snuck a pregnancy test on me. The doctor was all "You're not pregnant" and I was all "DUH".

And then they made me drink some disgusting iodine beverage that would dye my insides for an MRI. I downed the entire big gulp because I hadn't been able to eat or drink anything up until that point without throwing up. Then I was hooked up to an IV which made things really difficult. And... the story gets super gross from this point on so I'm just going to stop. :x

But that was... *counts fingers*... QUITE SOME TIME AGO. And since then, I haven't missed school or work for illness. But every winter I get some mild-ass cold that just holds on to me for dear life. Doesn't keep me from doing anything, it's just enough to be annoying. But now I've self-diagnosed myself with winter allergies. It explains a lot, the headaches, watery eyes, sneezing, and runny nose, so I've decided I'm right.

It probably doesn't help that my rental is super old. I just turned on the furnace yesterday to discover it wasn't working. It's been pretty warm here, so in the interest of saving money I sucked it up and just put on some layers. But then it snowed and I decided I should probably go ahead and turn the heater on so my pipes don't burst.

It then proceeded to blow cold air out WHICH DIDN'T HELP. But I'm getting a new one tomorrow. So it's all good.


Oh how I love you, show ♥
rosdrise: (firefly - grr)
While waiting in line at the grocery store (SIDE NOTE: I always pick the wrong line. This woman had 3 WIC checks, so I knew it was going to take longer than it should since they all have to be separate purchases. Too bad I was already committed to the line :/ But I've been a cashier before, there is no reason it should have taken THAT LONG. I don't think the cashier was the sharpest tool in the shed. It's some milk and cheese, RING IT UP. OMG) I picked up a magazine. I think it was Woman's World. Anyway, they had an article on belly fat, the worst kind of fat. It's genetically different from other fat because it's under muscle instead of between it and the skin, and is trying to strangle all of your internal organs. It's a bitch to get rid of, but they had tips like interval workouts and walking backwards. I can get behind that. But one of the suggestions for dealing with belly fat is eating a cup of red cabbage everyday.

Now, I like vegetables. I always feel better when they are part of my daily consumption. I'm even OK with green cabbage (I am part Irish, afterall), but I really can't get behind this red cabbage nonsense. I pick around that shit in salads. There is no way I can do a cup a day. Gross. I just forced myself to eat what little red cabbage was in my broccoli slaw salad. One step at a time.

I'm trying to gear myself up to do a colon cleanse. I've cut sugar out of my diet, but there are still plenty of processed things that I eat. The anti-candida diet is such a bitch, I don't want to commit myself to three months of that nonsense. So, I'm eyeing a 5 day cleanse. There are some prep days, but then it is just 5 days of only liquids (water, apple juice and psyllium shakes). I just don't know if I have the psychological strength to pull that off. It's just going to be so booooooring. But the idea of pounds of waste just sitting around inside my body is just as unappealing.

SIDE NOTE: Don't look at the testimonial photos for colon cleanse products. Just. Don't.

Kind of disappointed by last night's Community. I'd been looking forward to the space episode since I heard it mentioned way back before the season started. I just thought it was kind of lackluster. Troy was probably the highlight, the rest felt a little tired? Still laughed plenty though.

30 Rock's live show was aaaaaawful. What happened? Andy's Pros and Cons list on The Office was probably the highlight for me. Michael's final call to Holly was pretty sweet, but I wasn't impressed by the rest. Outsourced actually made me laugh a few times. I pretty much actively hate Todd (Another joke about funny Indian names AND calling a bindi a 'spiritual cork'? REALLY, GUY? OMG). But I thought Manmeet, Madhuri, and Gupta's antics were pretty amusing. Better than 30 Rock which is just... depressing.

ETA: One of my biggest pet peeves is when I hear a woman say "I'm not a feminist, but...". Guess what, YOU ARE.

Also: Female Icon Meme! Icons of all the awesome ladies... )

ETA the second: L.O.L. Chilean Miners were out-tweeted by Super Junior
SO, Community started up again last night!

Which means that The Vampire Diaries is on the back-burner until I can download it. Because obviously, the two network shows I MUST watch are on at the same time. I'm so happy this show is back even though I didn't think this episode was the best ever.

Actually, I thought the "twittersode" was funnier. But that was mainly due to Shirley's tweet:

Shirley_GCC: .@AnnieEdisonGCC No one has heard from Britta? I just saw “Girl Interrupted” and I’m worried about intense white girls. // #NBCCommunity

I guess a spoiler cutis in order...SPOILERS! )

I ended up watching the rest of NBC's comedy line-up, since I couldn't very well just watch the last half of TVD. I'm also currently crocheting a monkey for my cousin's new baby, which means I can't watch dramas. Crocheting and subtitles don't really mix.

30 Rock and The Office were both funny. People on TWOP's The Office message board are such negative nancies. If you're going to whine about how the show sucks and should be canceled EVERY WEEK maybe you should consider stop watching the show. It's annoying. I agree, The Office has fallen off in terms of quality, but it can still be funny. 30 Rock is better (and Community better than that). Both shows make me laugh, but I don't HAVE to watch them. And I'm certainly not going to complain about them unless they are actively UNfunny...

...Like the last show in the line-up: Outsourced. Seriously, how did this show get greenlit? It's mildly offensive to all parties involved, but the main issue I have is it's horrendously unfunny. I didn't laugh once. Mostly I spent the entire 30 minutes marveling at how huge a jackass the main guy was.

He was shocked (SHOCKED!) that his new employees didn't know who the Bad News Bears were. Dude, I didn't know that until the remake came out a few years ago. Isn't it funny how they thought he was talking about real bears? NO.

It would be one thing if we were supposed to see him as the arrogant American, but I don't think we are. I think we're supposed to sympathize with him. I did, for the first 30 seconds when we learned he had some serious student loan issues. Then he spoke and all that goodwill went out the window.

BTW, his love interest is the only white woman in the building, of course.

Every single character of every nationality seemed to be a caricature, from the hick Americans on the phone to the Indian man amazed at the concept of dating without getting married. It was all just so tired.

The only part that made me smile was when the assistant manager talked about how American's eat hamburgers morning, noon, and night. And that was only because it reminded me of j-dramas, namely Hana Kimi and Yamada Taro Monogatari where they talk about American-style hamburgers that are the size of your head. WE AMERICANS LOVE HAMBURGERS.

ETA: Watched the first two episodes of Merlin. And honestly? I'm not sure why I watch this show. I forget everything that's happened 5 minutes after the credits roll. I really have no idea what happened the last two seasons. I watched it and yet, when I search my memory: NOTHING. Two thoughts though:
  1. Arthur is such a tool. We're supposed to believe he's going to be a great kind? Try being a decent human being.

  2. Why don't they just give Morgana a Snidely Whiplash moustache and be done with it?
Day 21 - Favorite ship

Yeah, this meme is kind of turning into the Community and TVD show... OH WELL

At the beginning of the show, I doubt anyone expected this to be the overwhelming fan favorite ship. Annie was nursing her high school crush on Troy and Jeff had pretty much devoted himself full time to getting Britta.

Then, "Debate 109" aired and fandom exploded.

Let's just be safe and say SPOILERS for the entire season... in gif form )

30 Days of Television )
Day 14 - Favorite male character


Questions like these are a bitch and a half because I'm always changing my mind. To make things easier, I decided to just choose from this most recent television season. Then it was a matter of picking between Troy and Damon from The Vampire Diaries, because they are both great in very very VERY different ways. But Damon gets enough love, and Troy is often overshadowed by Abed and his pop culture references and Joel McHale and his body on Community, so Troy it is!

As I mentioned in my Community post a while back, Troy was on the rode to a football scholarship before an ill-advised keg stand landed him at Greendale Community College. He's... not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but Donald Glover plays him with such an easy-going, silly charm it's hard not to love him. I, personally, think he's hilarious.


30 Days of Television )
First, the bad news. I parked on the street in front of my house Friday night. Saturday morning I go out and discover some jackass has sideswiped my car in the early hours, busted my driver-side mirror, and ran. No note, nothing. So now I am out $450 for brand new mirror and the labor needed to reinstall it. Plus, I won’t get it until after the weekend due to the holiday. Until then I have to drive around like some redneck with a broken mirror. It’s a little scary driving sans mirror. I enjoy being able to see. I should count my blessings that it wasn’t worse. I can’t imagine what it would have cost if they had damaged more of my car.

Cut for picture of damage )

I really hope karma comes back and bites them in the ASS.

Good news: I’m done with Christmas shopping! Now I just need to wrap everything. Christmas is rather small this year given I have no money, which is sad because I really do enjoy getting people things. I had also meant to make a rag quilt for my mom, but never got around to it. I’m finally in the Christmas spirit, though! I’m even listening to Christmas music at my desk (thanks, Pandora). We got a little dusting of snow, which almost ended with me on my ass because ice and heels don’t mix. But, I survived.

What I watched this weekend, jdramas, kdramas, and regular-type tv! )



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