Mar. 9th, 2011 09:26 am
Things I'm excited about:

Troy is owning Sheldon in the Elite Eight Round of Fandom March Madness. I really think he has a shot of winning the whole thing and I'M SO EXCITED. I love that other people have realized what an awesome character he is. The Community gifspams and youtube clips in the comments are a thing of beauty. LOVE IT.

Things I'm annoyed with:

1. I randomly started Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, because Oh Ji Ho's dimples do it to me every time. I kind of love the heroine, despite how cold it was of her to ditch a guy at the altar for failing the bar exam. She's pretty funny.

HOWEVER, when is Korea going to realize that just because a woman is over 30 doesn't mean her insides have dried up and withered away. The fact that Uhm Jung Hwa is beautiful hurts their case a great deal. It's hard to take it seriously.

2. I'm looking to move, because my one bedroom is getting a little claustrophobic. Of course, as soon as I start looking, Google shuts down their real estate search on Googlemaps, which was the BEST way to find places. Now I'm stuck with the classifieds and craigslist. I found my current place on craigslist, but there is virtually nothing in the area/price range I'm looking for.

The first issue is that the majority of listings are for apartment buildings, which I'm not interested in. I want a house/duplex/condo, so already my choices are cut down. The second issue is that spammers are freaking everywhere. Two places I emailed about send me emails asking me to "verify that I'm human" and sent me to a website where I'm supposed to enter my cell phone number.

Yeah, that's not going to happen.

So annoying.
Good: I got a new furnace! The old one got banished to the side of the road and became part of the winterscape of my front yard Saturday morning. Yeah, I'm classin' up the joint:

Someone picked it up at some point. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I much prefer my functioning (and much more quiet) new furnace. Although, my skin is crazy dry all the time now. Maybe I should invest in a humidifier?

Bad: The Colts lost to the Cowboys. Something is wrong with Peyton. Four interceptions in two consecutive games? I know our O-Line is bad, but COME ON. We need to pull out of the nosedive Thursday against the Titans or we are SOL.

Annoying: I exceeded my bandwidth (totally typed 'bandwitch' there... which is totally how I'm feeling) on Photobucket again and I'm not sure how since I haven't posted much of anything. Plus, I removed all the gifs, so it's not that. However, instead of living with my page looking like horse manure for the rest of the month, I moved my background elements over to livejournal.

I need to find a better solution (maybe a second Photobucket account?) because I hate the LJ gallery system. And, I'm going to do a quick picspam, so the annoyance is fresh in my mind:

I made pork buns this weekend to edible, if weak, results. Witness the mediocrity... )
I haven't been sicksick in years. The last time I was bed-ridden sick was back during my freshman year of college. I got some kind of gastrointestinal bug and had to be hospitalized for a few days. That was the time I went to the ER and they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me so not only did I get a Surprise!Papsmear they also snuck a pregnancy test on me. The doctor was all "You're not pregnant" and I was all "DUH".

And then they made me drink some disgusting iodine beverage that would dye my insides for an MRI. I downed the entire big gulp because I hadn't been able to eat or drink anything up until that point without throwing up. Then I was hooked up to an IV which made things really difficult. And... the story gets super gross from this point on so I'm just going to stop. :x

But that was... *counts fingers*... QUITE SOME TIME AGO. And since then, I haven't missed school or work for illness. But every winter I get some mild-ass cold that just holds on to me for dear life. Doesn't keep me from doing anything, it's just enough to be annoying. But now I've self-diagnosed myself with winter allergies. It explains a lot, the headaches, watery eyes, sneezing, and runny nose, so I've decided I'm right.

It probably doesn't help that my rental is super old. I just turned on the furnace yesterday to discover it wasn't working. It's been pretty warm here, so in the interest of saving money I sucked it up and just put on some layers. But then it snowed and I decided I should probably go ahead and turn the heater on so my pipes don't burst.

It then proceeded to blow cold air out WHICH DIDN'T HELP. But I'm getting a new one tomorrow. So it's all good.


Oh how I love you, show ♥
So, the highlight of my week/month/early birthday present is ~*~water pressure~*~.

I took a shower this morning and it was amaaaaazing. Plus, the water turned off all the way! Bonus!

After a week of having shit thrown at me and my money taken from me, this week is shaping up to be quite nice. Storytime!

The water company located the shutoff valve last week. It's in the parkway and was apparently buried when they filled it in withe dirt after replacing the sidewalk this summer. Side note: their attempt and trying to grow grass there is pretty pathetic. They threw down some grass seeds and walked away. It hasn't rained all summer... I DON'T THINK THAT'S GOING TO WORK. If I wasn't a renter, I'd care, but right now I'm more pissed that they didn't think I might need access to my water shut-off valve. :/

The plumber came yesterday morning with the new faucet for my tub. The cold water knob on the old one had just stopped working completely and I had a nice steady stream of water I couldn't stop. (AKA MORE MONEY). After fiddling around with the shutoff valve (and scaring my cat each time he entered the house) he finally got it off and switched out the faucet.

He told me he was done and that I should complain to my landlord about my water pressure (or lack there of. Then, after standing outside on the phone for about 10 minutes, he came back (before I packed up my stuff to head to the office, luckily). Apparently he'd got the go-ahead from my landlord to take a look at my pipes and was that alright?

(*ASH)(D*&)( YES.

Guys? He showed me the piece of pipe he removed from the water heater. It was just this short little bend portion and it was COMPLETELY blocked up with crud. I don't even know how ANY water made it through that thing. I'm guessing it was just years of buildup from the crappy water in this city. If I owned the house I might have looked into it more, but as it is he just replaced that piece and VOILA. Now I'm going to have ACTUAL BUBBLES in the sink when I do dishes.

I'm living the high life, for real.

Other happenings this week that aren't nearly as awesome:
  • No weight loss even though I was super good. That's annoying.

  • Finished Outlander, FINALLY. That book was so. freaking. dull. I didn't think I'd ever finish it. This Sunday, I had to force myself to sit down and read the damn thing so I didn't have to renew it again. I never should have started it the first place, considering I only heard about it because the author was bitching about fanfiction. But it was a love story! With time travel! GUESS THE REVIEWS FORGOT TO MENTION THAT NOTHING HAPPENS IN THE ENTIRE 600+ PAGES, SERIOUSLY I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE. TALK ABOUT MEDICINE SOME MORE, CLAIRE. HOW MANY COLORS IS JAMIE'S HAIR MADE OF. SAY 'KEN' A FEW MORE TIMES SINCE YOU'RE SCOTTISH. PLEASE SHOOT ME. Even when some pretty horrendous shit went down in the end I couldn't bring myself to care. I just wanted it to be over. So no, I don't recommend it. But I have The Hunger Games waiting in the wings to start, so I'm pretty stoked about that.

  • Mad Men is the best show ever. It should get all the awards, forever

  • Colts Win!
Ah, a fresh new TV season. There were two success stories from last year for me: The Vampire Diaries and Community. TVD has already returned in top form and I have nothing but ridiculously high expectations for Community, which comes back on Thursday (IS IT THURSDAY YET?). I hate that they are in the same time slot. Networks should base their schedules around my needs.

I checked out two new offerings last night: The Event and Hawaii Five-0 and both were pretty good.

The Event pilot was a pretty good introduction. It teased without being completely vague and confusing. I was a little concerned because a lot of reviews complained about all the time jumping, but I was able to follow along no problem. And I'm really not that observant of a tv watcher a lot of the time. I'm intrigued and will continue to watch until it disappoints (see: FlashForward) or I'm completely committed to the abusive relationship (see: LOST).

Hawaii Five-0 I only checked out because of Lost alum, Daniel Dae Kim. I don't know how wish a decision this was, because whenever he was on screen all I could think about was "Where's Sun?". But at the same time I can make the world of Hawaii Five-0 into an AU of Lost where Jin, Sun, and baby Ji-Yeon are living in Hawai'i running a souvenir shop and using new names, having escaped her psycho father. Sun and Ji-Yeon just never appear on screen. HAPPY ENDING.

It was doubly confusing because I had no idea James Marsters was going to be in the pilot and whenever HE was on screen all I could think was "Spike is ENGLISH, not Irish, stupid show. Also, vampires can't be out in the daylight."

Random, but it made me smile whenever they said hoale because it reminded me of the Hawaiian friends I had in college. Hawai'i was a pretty well represented state at my school for some bizarre reason (which was in Wisconsin it should be noted). It wasn't used in a derogatory way, just to note that the rest of us were mainlanders.

ANYWAY, it's perfectly good little cop show, and Grace Park kicked butt. Thought they are treading a very thin line in regards to the huge amount of fan service she provided. None of the guys had to strip down to their skivvies. I'm just saying.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho continues to be my most favorite thing ever. But I'm watching it streaming now (because I can't help myself) so I have no caps or gifs for you :(

In non-entertainmnet business I feel like everything mechanical in my life is falling apart. I finally took my car in for new tires only to have them call me and say that my rear brake pads need to be replaced. AWESOME.

Also, my bathroom faucet started to leak and my freezer decided that it just doesn't feel like FREEZING things anymore. Luckily, both those matters fall to my landlord so I don't have to pay for them. Except for all the water I'm currently wasting. But, he's also going to replace the outlet in the living room which is what I'm actually the most excited about. The electrical in this place sucks and probably hasn't been replaced in several decades. I'm just hoping for an outlet that doesn't require me to tape plugs to it else they fall out. Fancy.

ETA: AHHAHAHAHA, just got off the phone with the mechanic. Turns out my right-rear control arm is jammed and they can't align my tires properly. I need a new one! IT'S $300 DOLLARS!

... I very nearly threw my phone against the wall since they'd already called me earlier today with the bonus!news about my brake pads. BUT! My new best friend mechanic guy Nolan talked to his boss and even though I'm out of warranty, because I always get my service done there they aren't going to charge me! MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE.

My entire bottom lip and tongue are completely numb thanks to my morning visit with the dentist.  Oh the joy of fillings.  Hopefully I'll be talking normally soon.  Let me tell you, putting chapstick on numb lips is a very bizarre experience.

Flist, I am WORN OUT.  I spent the entire weekend doing a hard clean of my house.  Saturday was devoted to window washing.  This means the inside and outside, all the storms and screens, plus the nastiness that has collected in the window sill.  This is one fo the things I hate about renting: living with other peoples filth.  I still can't get one of my windows open and it makes me claustrophobic. 

Sunday was spent cleaning woodwork, mopping, dusting, etc.  Of course, my vacuum broke so the rugs still need to be cleaned.  That's annoying.

ETA: Um, duh, I also REFINISHED A DRESSER this weekend. Expect a picspam this week.

My cats slept all weekend.  I find this annoying as well.  Now all that is left is to clean out all the crap I don't need that I've just jammed into the hall closet.

Plus, I'm fighting this cold which has basically left me with no energy and a throat that feels three times too big.  I did get some good sleep though, thanks to Nyquil.  Ahhh, drugs.

No drama watching this weekend D:  I only have two episodes left of IRIS and I need to watch them.  I'm worried about Seung Hee's secret.  Finally, this show has me on the edge of my seat!

Inspired by [ profile] dangermousie and [ profile] princess_dexter, I've compiled a list of my top 10 personal favorite dramas by country.  What it boils down to is that I like romantic comedies, but I already knew that.  I also don't mind a good cry now and then, but I don't want a drama steeped in angst.


1. Utahime
2. Nodame Cantabile
3. Hana Yori Dango
4. Bara no nai Hanaya
5. Nobuta wo Produce
6. My Boss My Hero
7. Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi
8. Pride
9. Hana Kimi
10. Tiger & Dragon


1. Capital Scandal
2. Coffee Prince
3. Legend
4. The Vineyard Man
5. Fantasy Couple
6. Hong Gil Dong
7. Bad Family
8. The Painter of the Wind
9. Smile, You
10. Goong

TWDRAMAS: I've only seen one, so you win ToGetHer!  Congrats!

I dyed my hair on Saturday because I'm sick to death of the random white hairs. Nothing drastic, it's pretty much my ordinary color but a tad darker. I just wanted to hide the offending strands. But now it's kind of acting wierd. My hair isn't curling the same way it usually does. It's a bit more wavy instead of curly. I actually really like it, but I'm wondering how much longer it'll last. Strange chemical reactions.

My neighbor is annoying me. Apparently she got someone to look at her car that has been sitting in our carport for about three months now. That's all fine and well, but now it is blocking both spots of the carport (it's off an alley). So I'm parking on the street and no one is there for me to ask them to move. I had parking on the street. I have nightmares that some drunk asshole is going to sideswipe my car.

Speaking of nightmares, I had a dream I was back in high school. UGH. Unneccesary, subconscious! And super unappreciated. It was the same building, only about five times bigger. And like any other school dream I have, I don't know my schedule so I wander around the hallways not knowing what to do with myself.

In better news, I finished Painter of the Wind this weekend. I'll go ahead and say I loved it, but there are a few asterisks...spoilers for the finale... )

I've now watched the first couple episodes of The Return of Iljimae and I'm not sure about my feelings. At times I really enjoy it... and then the narrator speaks up and I'm super annoyed. I feel like it cheapens the whole drama. It gives it a very storybook feel, which I guess they were going for, but it feels childish.

My Fair Lady remains super boring.
rosdrise: (deerman - mirror)
While putting together that picspam for [ profile] drama_hunt yesterday I ended up going through all of the caps I had initially taken of Vineyard Man (I want to make a mood theme at some point). I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up rewatching parts of the series this weekend during any down time (minus the first two episodes, which are pretty boring. they have some good points but it only really gets good when she gets to the vineyard). There are just so many funny scenes on this show, I thought I would share one with you. It has to be on my journal because the topic doesn't really match any of the tags on [ profile] drama_hunt.


It's fertilizer. )... Hope I didn't gross anyone out too much. XD

LOVED the first two new episodes of Torchwood. The kids really creeped me out, but it's easy to make kids creepy to me (Like "The Empty Child"? FREAKED ME OUT) and Gwen didn't even annoy me that much. Yay!

ETA: Also, a lightning bug attacked me in the shower this morning. I didn't have my glasses on so all I saw was a giant fuzzy black blob flying menacingly over the curtain towards my face. Unappreciated!

So, I guess I am easily frightened of fireflies and children.
I took a week long vacation last week and given my lack of monetary funds, that meant keeping it simple and going home to visit family. I was also SUPER productive. I refinished the armoire that's been sitting in my parents garage for several months now. It's still sitting there, but it's ready to come back to my place whenever they come over (my car is too small to take it all in one trip).

But first, a video of our cat, Jack, and his love affair with my shoes.

Now on to the Armoire Project Picspam! )

I finished Atashinchi no Danshi this weekend, it was all pretty adorable. Not an outstanding series by any stretch, but definitely enjoyable. I'll probably finish Who Are You? next... especially since there was no new True Blood this week! FROWNY FACE.


Jun. 19th, 2009 09:17 am
Not everything I touch turns to dust. For example, take the bush massacre that occurred in my lawn a few weeks ago. I cut those suckers BACK. And they may still die, but for now they are making a strong bid to live. Here is the photographic evidence:


Those little leaves are a million times prettier than the gnarled mess they used to be. Another picture plus CAT behind the cut )
I am SO SORE right now. Crouching and bending and reaching and painting all weekend left me bone-tired. I slept the sleep of the dead last night, which was fantastic until my freaking alarm went off.

It was all worth it though, because my front two rooms look amazing. There is still a little cleanup to do, so not final photos today. I do have some progress shots for everyone )

My other (unplanned) weekend project was shaving my cat )

HA HA XDDDD I'm the worst mother in the world!

I also finally started Avatar and LOVE IT. Plus, I can watch the first season free on Netflix so I don't have to download it. My computer HD is hurting. I really need a DVD burner.
The New Doctor Who Companion was announced

She's absolutely gorgeous, and while I remember the episode she was in I don't remember her or her acting skills. Hopefully she'll be good? Honestly I was hoping for someone a little more exciting since they've already done the pretty girl thing. Mix it up guys. Hopefully she'll be a fun character. I guess we'll see.

And while I'm talking about goings on from that side of the pond... have some more Father Ted clips, because I can't help myself: I hear you're a racist now, Father

This weekend is devoted to painting my living room. It's going to be Perennial Gold, which is hopefully the perfect shade of gold because I don't want to paint it twice. I get so anxious about colors, because I LOVE when people are bold with them. But I get so gun shy when it comes to doing it myself. I'll post pictures once it is done!

Also, I discovered there is no outlet in my bathroom (I don't blow dry my hair so I never looked before). That's bizarre.
I went ahead and cancelled my AT&T service. They don't offer Uverse in my area so I figured I'd just switch to another provider where I could get tv and internet. Comcast, of course, isn't offered in my area so I was stuck with Brighthouse. It's more than I want to spend, so I may end up cancelling the cable at some point, but we shall see. I may enjoy getting AMC, TLC, and Sci-Fi (Syfy?) a little too much once I get my hands on them. It opens my world up to a ton of cable shows that I've stayed away from because I was too lazy to download. PLUS, waaaaaaaay faster internet.

Anyway, they are coming on Saturday morning to install everything. I'm looking forward to it. I get the shakes when I can't have my email open 24/7.

My neighbor came over yesterday. Turns out she only lived there about 8 days out of the month as she spends the majority of her time at her boyfriends house across town. At that point, why not just move in together and save yourself the rent and bills? I don't understand. But that works out nicely for me since it will be nice at quiet. I dig.

She seems very friendly, if a little hyperactive, which on a 29 year old was a little odd. But nice and excitable is better than creepy and sullen. So I think it's a win for the most part.

Turns out that my landlord just recently bought the place from some guy. I'm hoping that's why NONE of the electrical has been upgraded. Holly said she can't plug her blow dryer in the front room without blowing a fuse. My main issue is the lack of three-pronged outlets. I had to buy a bunch of converters from the hardware store just so I could plug my crap in. The outlets are old and loose, so, yay fire hazard.

Lost was a stupid recap episode last night, so I took the opportunity to NOT unpack and instead finish Love Shuffle. The magic definitely wore off for me with that show. It was a struggle to make it through the last half because honestly I didn't care. I truly enjoyed half the cast and thought the characters were interesting, but the plot felt very slapdash. I appreciated the funny moments, but any attempt at drama left me feeling very 'eh' about the whole thing. It felt like something integral was missing. It lacked heart which is too made because the cast was totally capable of making it awesome if they'd been given better material. But now it is off my plate, so yay!

Once I get my internet this weekend I'll be able to get the last three episodes of Tiger & Dragon (FAR SUPERIOR, OMG) and finish that.

Looks like Liar Game is getting a second season AND movie. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I enjoyed the series but thought the finale was incredibly dull. So I'm not sure how successful another stretch on the storyline will work. Can I put in a request for more focus on the Nao/Akiyama relationship? At least a GLIMPSE of something more? It would be a nice break from me trying to figure out all the puzzles.

...I need to cap the last episode of EoF.  I haven't forgotten, I promise!



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